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Lounge Like a Queen this National Lazy Day

Aug 10, 2020 · 2 min read

Happy National Lazy Day, Loungers!

It’s no surprise that we looooove a good old lazy day, we live to Lounge so naturally… we want our Female Family to enjoy this glorious day. Plus, we all deserve it. (Obviously!)

If you need some lazy day ideas so you can Lounge like a true Queen this National Lazy Day, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to stop thinking about all those upcoming birthdays, work, the gym or those pesky home chores. Today is a day for YOU.

So, put your feet up, unwind, and let us give you some lazy day inspiration.


Stay in Bed

Taking Up The Whole Bed. GIF - KirstenDunst Bed GoodMorning ...

That’s right, ladies. We said it. We won’t tell on you if you slip back under the covers. You need your beauty sleep, after all! And let’s be honest… who doesn’t love a duvet day?!


Binge Watch that Long-Awaited Series

Girls, we know life gets in the way sometimes, trust us. Work can seem like a never-ending rollercoaster, plus there’s the gym (when we actually decide to go) and other commitments such as life. For once, block out the outside world this National Lazy Day and binge watch that series you’ve wanted to watch for months but never actually gotten round to. Go on, you know you want to.


Put your Phone Away

For all you Instagram scrollers, we apologise in advance. We’re sure Beyonce won’t mind if you take an extra day to like her latest photo or if you don’t reply to your breastie straight away. Sometimes it’s good to unwind, and by unwind, we mean stay off social media and mute those Whatsapp groups, ladies. You’ll thank us later.


Chores? What Chores?

Remember that mini mountain of clothes growing in the corner of your bedroom? Yes? Well, for one day only, yes one day, they don’t exist. Having a lazy day means avoiding the washing, dirty dishes and anything else that requires manual labour. Today, you are a certified Queen.


Lounge in Something More Comfortable

What I Thought of Bridget Jones's Baby – Niamh Shackleton

Comfort doesn’t always come naturally, so if you need something snug to Lounge in this National Lazy Day, don’t stress, ladies - we’ve got you covered (literally!). Check out our Lounge Apparel Sets for all of your lazy day needs! After all, we are Comfort Made Sexy. 

So, there you have it. Some lazy day ideas to make National Lazy Day that little bit more exciting. We loooove to Lounge and we’re sure you do too, so use this day for some TLC and above all, recuperate. Go on, you deserve it.

We love you, Loungers.


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