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Lounge underwear | Getting to Know Bell Williams

Bell Williams, one of our beautiful bloggers is brought to life for you today, with some things maybe you didn't know about her... 

Getting to know: @bell_williams

 Lounge underwear | Black Bra | Black Underwear | Comfortable Underwear

We have worked and collaborated with Annabelle for some time now and have a secret to tell you, she's the bomb! Or i guess you already knew that!? But just incase you didn't, trust us, you definitely need to go and check out her instagram page as she's pretty dreamy.

We're treating you to a little getting to know sesh after a quick chat we had with her...

Tell us 3 facts about to you your followers might be surprised to know...
- Alongside my Law Degree, I love musical theatre. I am currently choreographing for the show Curtains at my uni.
- Me and my house mates cook mexican more than any other food. 
- I love yoga 
Wow, Law! You’re like a real life Legally blonde, but guessing not so ditsy! How on earth do you find time to juggle both and a production!? & which do you love the most, law - musical theatre or fashion blogging?
It is a struggle. I give myself at least one rest day a week. I have a part time job along side uni working nights on weekends. I use weekend days to do anything related to choreography of the show. One day a week to sort out my blogging as much as I can. Two evenings a week to run rehearsals. Lastly, the uni work is pretty much constant reading at any spare time I get. 
I love all of them. Academic wise, ever since I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer. Fashion only came into my life when I was 16 and that is something that will always stay with me. But my one true love is always musical theatre. Nothing feels better than the sense of achievement after you've smashed a show and the audience are cheering you on during the bows. That's something I've always wanted to pursue but financially wasn't able to. 
And as for mexican food … winner! Do you have any advice on how you keep in good shape without taking about the good stuff?
I don't do much to keep in shape, apart from walking to and from uni and a couple of dance classes here and there. I'm lucky to have a super fast metabolism so changing my diet is something I'll never do. But I also do one or two yoga classes a week which I love. It's such a good form of body work that connects with the mind and soul as well so it also calms me down for a period of time during my hectic schedule. 

Lounge underwear | White Bra | White Underwear | Lace Bra Lounge underwear | White Bra | White Underwear | Lace Underwear

We love your tattoo - does it have a personal meaning to you?
My new tattoo is very special to me. It's a yin and yang on my foot that a very dear friend of mine has the same. Our friendship grew out of a very dark situation and it represents how you can always find good from the bad, it represents our new found friendship. This girl is my soul sister! 
If your friends had to describe you in a sentence, what do you think they might say?
'The girl that goes hard or goes home'
You used to be a blondie, and now gone dark and mysterious, what made you make the change?
-t's just one of those things where someone has wronged you for so long you lost yourself along the way. And when it's finally over and you want to move on from some painful memories, changing something about the way you look seems to make you feel better in finding my own feet again and detaching yourself from the person you became when they had control over you. It's something I've always done as a coping mechanism. If you see me change my hair, you know someone has wronged me. It really works; the day i changed my hair colour I couldn't stop smiling whilst I was walking down the road.
What made you get into fashion blogging?
It was something I've been interested in for a while. I've been getting brands sending me stuff since I was 15. Since I've started my law degree it is becoming harder to keep up with the demand but from time to time I still do what I can. 
Lounge underwear | Grey Bra | Grey Underwear | Comfortable Underwear Lounge underwear | Black Bra | Black Underwear | Comfortable Underwear 
Who, what and where do you get your inspiration from?
There is no one person I get inspiration from. I see hundreds of people daily, around town, around campus, on social media, in magazines. Whatever I see is inspiration. I can't pin point what my style is because it changes throughout the seasons.
What your favourite thing to do on a day off?
Not that I ever have a day off, but when I do I like to read fiction.
Which is your favourite Lounge set and why?
LACE! I love lace it's so pretty 

Annabelle's Lounge review...

I love each set. It's so simple and comfortable yet still sexy on any body shape! The fabric is amazing quality, even after a few washes it's still soft. I can wear it any day of the wear, whether that be in a lecture, in yoga class or a night out, it's suitable for anything.
What would you tell someone who hadn’t bought Lounge yet who was tempted to buy their first set?
Do it, because you will feel amazing in them.
Lounge underwear | Grey underwear | Grey Bra | Comfortable underwear 

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