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Lounge underwear | Getting to know Lauren Worboys

We've teamed up with one of our beautiful brand ambassadors @laurenworboys to give you an insight into her world. What makes her tick, her thoughts and inspirations from the fashion industry, and a few other things you might not have known about her...

Getting to know @laurenworboys

Lounge underwear | Grey underwear | Grey Bra | Comfortable underwear

How did you get into the fashion blogging scene?
I never actually planned to get into fashion blogging, however when I started to focus on posting better quality photos and had a set theme to my Instagram, I noticed loads more people were interacting with my account. Then I started having smaller companies message me asking to promote, and I just worked my way up from there and now I'm working with some amazing companies/brands. However I do still like to be more of a personal blog than a fashion blogger because I enjoy sharing things with my followers that isn't always about fashion. 
What/who inspires you and your style?
I wouldn't say anyone in particular inspires me, however when out and about or on social media, I like to take fashion tips or styles from other people. 
Lounge underwear | Pink underwear | Pink Bra | Comfortable underwear Lounge underwear | Pink underwear | Pink Bra | Comfortable underwear
Tell us 3 things your followers might not know about you?
- I'm one of 5 (I'm the middle child unfortunately)
- I studied acting full time at college and aspire to be an actress
- I've never dyed or highlighted my hair!  
Your figure is to die for! Do you have a set regime?
I have no set regime, I actually don't workout that much anymore and I eat what I want. The biggest advice I can give to girls is if you're going out every weekend getting drunk, don't expect a flat tummy! I rarely drink which I honestly believe is the main reason I'm so tiny, because alcohol has so many calories! Its not just about working out, diet and lifestyle plays a massive part!  
Lounge underwear | Leggings | Comfortable underwear Lounge underwear | White underwear | White Bra | Comfortable underwear Lounge underwear | Grey underwear | Grey Bra | Comfortable underwear
You have abs of steal… what one core exercise would you advise people to get doing?
Sit ups!! I literally used to do 30 sit ups a day and my abs were popping!! 
If your girls had to describe you in one sentence, what would they say?
Lively and always eating ice cream

Lauren's Lounge review

I absolutely love Lounge underwear!! It's so classy, and when you do want to feel comfortable but still look sexy they're the perfect answer. They're great quality and really do exceed your expectations! I couldn't pin point a favourite because they're all amazing but if I had to I'd say, it's be the Black Lace set because it contrasts nicely with my blonde hair! 
Lounge underwear | Lace underwear | Lace Bra | Comfortable underwear Lounge underwear | Lace underwear | Lace Bra | Comfortable underwear

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