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Lounging in Miami | Behind the Scenes of Miami Swim Week 2019

Jul 15, 2019 · 5 min read

There are no words that can describe the energy of the show…

Friday 12th July marked the day of Lounge’s first full runway experience… and girls, we can say with confidence and complete adoration - our team absolutely smashed it!
It’s time to share with you some of our favourite moments on the lead up to the show and bring you behind the scenes in Miami for all the moments we shared with our beyond beautiful Female Family - inside and out.
To celebrate our stunning new arm of the brand - Lounge Swim - we united V1 and V2 as one, to display a huge range of shapes and styles down our Miami catwalk moment, with all of our beautiful shades of the rainbow making a statement and catching eyes.
Backstage was everything you’d expect from Lounge… rails upon rails of beautiful designs, a team of incredible hair and makeup artists bringing together our stunning, slick wet look, and a bunch of young women making the most of every moment, fulfilling their dreams and laughing all the way.
We fell in love with our team of strong, hard working and driven young women, that all came together last Friday to take the roof off the Faena Forum for our finale show!
We loved sharing this moment with our Female Family - familiar faces, new ones too - and extended of course now to you!
Take a look at who joined us...
Beautiful Kara Del Toro opened and closed our show, and after spending time together lounging in the Bahamas, this felt like the perfect opportunity to get back together for a catch up. “It was such a fun show and the best vibes! ❤️ love working with you guys, best show!” - @karajewelll
Other faces from our Bahamas campaign included the gorgeous Steph Rayner and Marilyn Melo. The girls caught up over swimming piggy antics and stole the show flaunting their favourite sets from our collections.
“Thank you for allowing me to be part of it 😊 it was amazing!” - @stephjrayner
“Omg thank you so much for having me and having such a diverse cast of women! Dream come true, thank you!” - @marilyn_melo
Lounge Miami Swim Week
@shannon_lawson, @natalie_roser, @stephjrayner, @breekleintop, @lilyeaston
You may also have recognised some of our insta-famous models such as Natalie Roser, La'Tecia Thomas, Tiana Parker and Lily Easton, all of which made a statement on the runway with their killer walks and endless confidence.
Someone we hold close to our hearts is the gorgeous Bethan Sowerby. Bethan was our one and only British beauty that flew all the way out to Miami with us to fulfil her dreams of rocking the runway, and she absolutely killed it! “Thank you so much for letting me walk in the show!!! Dream come true Literally love LOUNGE so much!” - @bethansowerbyy 
Lounge Swim Miami
@bethansowerbyy, @laura.iva
We also met a bunch of new beauties that truly blew us away with their passion, determination and drive to make Miami Swim Week a moment they'd never forget. We got to know the lovely Karen Lima, Sofia Harmanda, Jasmine Blandford, Jen Leezy, Paula Manpos, Ambrab Gutierrez, Raelynn Harper and Fernanda Flores. All of whome shared stories from their varying backgrounds and proving that dreams really can come true when you work for it.
Miami Swim Week
@sofiaharmanda, @lateciat, @ambrabgutierrez, @karenlimabrazil
We made friends for life with girls from all over the world and were so incredibly honoured to have shared this experience with every single one of them.
Here's what just a few of the girls had to say after their runway moment...
“Thank you guys so much for having me💘 it was AMAZING!!! See you guys soon 😘” - @xoxcaam 
“Thank you again for having me! Last night was a blast! So excited to be apart of the female family😘😘” - @lorenahaliti
“Im so grateful that you chose me and excited to be apart of the team. Thank you so much yesterday, was such amazing experience. You were great and have such amazing swimwear line, the fit is perfect 😍” - @jadore.ally
“Thank you for having me! I’m beyond proud of you guys for putting on a gorgeous show and amazing collection. Thanks for letting me be apart of it.” -  @Shannonlawson 
“So sweet thank you that means so much to me❤️ I love being a part of the family!! 😘 So much fun last night walking w some of my best friends, best crew! Thanks again for having me the show and line was absolutely amazing you guys killed it!! 💥😍❤️- @breekleintop
“It was a pleasure! Happy to be in the family ✨🥰 you ladies are amazing and these are some bad ass designs👊🏽👊🏽” - @shanaestrachen 
“Thank you so much! I had so much fun you guys are amazing and I’m so happy to be apart of the Female Family 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️❤️❤️” - @allieredmondd
“Seriously was an absolute dream. You are all so sweet, such a pleasure to be welcomed into the Lounge female fam. Thank you so much for the opportunity, hope to stay in touch & see you again soon 💞✨” - @laura.iva
For more of the behind the scenes content, get yourself over to @loungeswim and head straight to our Miami Swim story highlight.
Meet the girls and check out their backstage experience before they hit the runway.
There’s more…
Keep your eyes peeled on the blog as we continue to tell you more about our Miami Swim Week experience, including how we made a statement, what the palm represented and our favourite Miami looks…


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