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Lounging in Miami with @laura.iva

Jul 19, 2019


The minute we saw Laura we fell head over heels.
This was Laura's first time walking Miami Swim Week - so we held hands tightly and did it together. What an absolute blonde bombshell she was! Laura wore our super cute and girly Pink Gingham Tropea Set, owning the runway with her killer walk.
Keep reading for all the backstage girl talk...
Explain in three words how you felt when you found out you were officially walking at Miami Swim Week this year with Lounge...
Over the moon 🌙 🤩 Scoring a show with Lounge was such a dream especially because it was my first Swim Week.
What are your tactics to get yourself prepped and ready to walk the runway
Leading up to Swim Week I was pretty hard on myself with being in the gym, and eating clean. About a month prior to, I tried my best to eat as clean as possible and was in the gym 6 times a week working mostly cardio and resistance training. It takes a lot of hours and discipline because you obviously want to look and FEEL your best. As the week crept closer and closer the more videos I watched of previous swim/lingerie shows.. I honestly think I’ve watched each show from the past 2 seasons at least twice 😂 I walked up and down my room in front of my mirror practicing various poses and struts in hopes that I don’t look funny or cringey when my time came to take on the runway 😂
What went through your head as you were walking?
Honestly you try to plan out your walk and pose before it’s your time to shine, but when the time comes to hit the runway.. you kinda just black out and forget everything you had planned.. it all happens so fast and your walk is done before you know it. Each time I finished, I’d end up being backstage thinking about what I just did and hoping that I didn’t do anything weird in front of all the people, cameras and press 😂🙈
Who or what has inspired the way you walk the runway?
Each time I watch Adriana Lima and Candice walk the runway I get chills. I hope one day I have that much confidence and energy on the runway. They make it look soooo easy.
What's one piece of advise you've been given that'll keep you cool and confident at the show?
I’ve been sitting here for about 30 minutes thinking about this answer and realised that I really have never been given a lot of advice.. hahaha but if I were to give someone advice I would just say to have fun, be sassy, smile and strutttt your stuff because your moment to shine that runway only lasts about half a minute and then it’s over before you know it. Show them what your workin with girl 😼
Any famous last words!?
Dream BIG, work hard & smile. Stay happy, and enjoy each and every moment because you don’t know what the universe has got planned for you tomorrow. 💞


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