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Lounging in Miami with @xoxcaam

Jul 18, 2019

Cameron is dreamy, inside and out! Its time to get to know a bit more about her...

We fell in love with Cameron as soon as we met her. She is super bubbly, friendly and her energy backstage and during the show was incredible. We honestly cannot fault this girl - a beautiful person with an absolutely killer walk, who looked absolutely incredible in our Orange Malibu Mesh Bikini.
Let's get together for a little girl talk and see what she had to say after the show. Keeping reading...
Explain how you felt in three words when you found out you were officially walking at Miami Swim Week this year with Lounge...
Three words of how I felt when I found out I was officially walking for Lounge: Your joking me (mind blown) . “Dreams coming true” 
What are your tactics to get yourself prepped and ready to walk the runway?
To prepare myself for the runway I made sure to up my workouts and just push myself to be the healthiest and strongest I could be looking and feeling. I just wanted my confidence to be hitting hard on the runway knowing I did everything I could to prepare. 
What went through your head as you were walking?
Honestly I completely black out when I’m walking down the runway; it’s an unreal moment. I feel on top of the world!
Who or what has inspired the way you walk the runway?
All of the curvy girls that are walking the runway and owning it are true inspirations to me. 
What's one piece of advise you've been given that'll keep you cool and confident at the show?
A piece of advise that’s been given to me that’s helpful in staying cool and confident is to use positive affirmations like....”I’ve got this”. It’s time to shine so let’s bring it! 
Any famous last words!?
“Declare what you want to accomplish and work hard; it’s all possible.”


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