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Lounging in the Bahamas | Things to do

Jun 09, 2019

We loved lounging in the Bahamas. It's time to check out what we got up to and find out all the must do's!

Let's plan your next tropical adventure and ensure you're lounging in all the best places, with the most amazing experiences.
1. Visit Pig Island.
Lounge Swim | Bahamas
This is an absolute must if you're heading over to the Bahamas! You can travel there by boat and spend an hour or two fulfilling all your insta-dreams of swimming with the cutest pigs.
Recommendations: Take some food with you! They love pancakes, bread, cakes... all the sweet stuff. Without food, you're more likely to make enemies than friends, as those cute little pigs are definitely led by their bellies - but so long as you don't tease them, and you feed them kindly, you'll make some new best friends.
Something to note - don't throw the food in the sand, as they'll end up eating the sand along with the food, which is definitely not good for them.
2. Dive into the underwater cave.
 Lounge Swim underwater cave
If you're a bit of an adrenaline junkie and are a strong swimmer, the underwater cave is an amazing experience. You get there by boat and can either snorkel through and see all the beautiful fish and rockery, or instead you can climb up the side of the cave and jump down!
It's honestly breathtaking in there and definitely one of those things you've got to see in real life!
3. Stroll down the sand bar.
Lounge Swim Bahamas Sand Bar
Again, a boat ride from the mainland... the sand bar is breathtaking. It's super quiet and feels so untouched. When you arrive you'll feel like one of the only humans on the planet.
It's so relaxing and as it's a little further out from the main spots for tourists - it's a great spot to travel a little further for. Take time out to chill, sunbathe and enjoy the sounds of the sea.
4. Say hi to the iguanas.
Lounge Swim Bahamas
The iguana beach front is totally mesmerising. The beach is beautiful, with soft sands and white rockery views as you pull up.
As you arrive, you'll be greeted by the iguana families... they're literally everywhere, and while some of them hide away with the grasses, the more you look, the more you see.
It's like a dream!
5. Lounge away and sunbathe.
Lounge Bahamas Swim
Whilst there is so much to see in the Bahamas, there is also a bunch of sunshine and so many quiet spots for you to take a bit of time out to relax. The whole island honestly looks filtered! You'll find yourself constantly blinking, expecting the colours to change, but the sea remains incredibly blue and the sands so pure and white. It's mind boggingly beautiful and will totally exceed all your expectations.
6. Drink from coconuts.
Lounge Swim Bahamas
The tropical island is filled with beautiful fruits, coconuts being super popular and so sweet. Become at one with island life and drink from nature.
7. Boat hop around the islands.
Lounge Swim Boat Trip
We stayed on an island called Staniel Cay, which was stunning.
You can walk from one side to the other in no time and see all the beauty that the island has to offer... but we definitely recommend organising a boat trip from the Yacht Club and have one of the locals show you all the must see spots and islands.
8. Swim in the clearest water.
Lounge Swim underwater
It would be very easy for you to think our shots from the Bahamas are totally polished and the water couldn't possibly look like that... but honestly, the water is this clear and something you wont believe until you see it with your own eyes.
It's stunning!
9. Take a seaplane and see it all.
Lounge Swim Seaplane
If you're feeling adventurous and really want to push the boat out, taking a seaplane over the islands and seeing it from above would be totally out of this world and a once in a life time experience!


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