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Lounging with Belle Lucia

Sep 13, 2018

With an Instagram filled with effortlessly beautiful selfies, outfit ideas and mind blowing modelesque images… yep - you guessed it - it’s the one and only: Belle Lucia.

We welcomed our gorgeous girl Belle to join our Female Family, taking some time out of her busy schedule to talk all things love, life and Lounge. Sit with us as we listen and watch the most anticipated interview with this beauty, whilst she spends the day lounging with us in our ultra comfortable and (always in Belle’s case) insanely sexy style. #ComfortMadeSexy defined!

Click here to see more of the interview, and keep reading for our insider details from the day.

Lounging with Belle Lucia

A Day in the Life of Belle

You might agree, Belle is one of the most photographed and influential models in today’s social-focused world. Gracing our Instagram feeds daily with stunning poses and giving us all some serious beauty envy! But let us tell you, she’s more than just a pretty face… through to her core Belle is sweet, a little shy and super thankful for everything she has achieved so far in her life.

Surprisingly, during our time with Belle, we found out that becoming an “influencer” was a reality that Belle never even dreamed of! Belle imagined pursuing her nursing career within the medical industry and remaining in Australia. Somehow being one of the most recognised, influential women that we see today literally just happened!

When we asked Belle what made her want to become an influencer, she told us laughing, “I actually didn’t want to! I didn’t actually know what it was 3 years ago. I kind of just, fell into it.” Can you believe it?

From 14 years old, modelling was something that came secondary to her studies and nursing profession, but sure enough, it wasn’t long until her modelling career and travelling opportunities completely exceeded all expectations, leading Belle to where we see her today. Snuggled up on the sofa, after a long day of shooting - discussing her life lessons and stories with us.

Immaculately dressed and poised throughout her interview, Belle cosied up in Lounge Apparel, opting for the Grey Cropped T-shirt paired with our soft Grey High Waisted Shorts. It is impossible to deny that she is totally flawless in real life, but we were blown away by her honesty and ability to open up about her day-to-day life; sharing the same insecurities and every day niggles that we all go through daily. 

Lounging with Belle Lucia | Sand Mesh Bra and Thong

Love & Life Advice from Belle

As women, we all feel the pressures and strains of everyday life, and know how important it is for us females to stick together. We all face hard times, difficult days and insecurities throughout our lives! At Lounge - we hope in all that we do - to support and understand our Female Family wherever possible. This is why it always feels so incredibly important for us to ask all our influencers for some wise words; a little something for us all to take away and remember through those tougher times.

We asked Belle a bunch of questions around body positivity, what she believes makes women beautiful and what advice she would give to other women struggling with similar insecurities to her. Here’s just a few short messages of inspiration from the lovely Belle.

“Be true to yourself, don’t try and be fake. Just be who you are. People are going to love it or leave it, you’ve just got to be yourself.”

“You’ve only got your one body and your one self so love it while you can, because life is short and when you are older, you will probably reflect on when you were younger and think ‘Oh wow, I should have been more confident when I was younger!’ Our bodies are amazing and our time on earth is limited!”

Believe it or not, Belle confessed to feeling insecure about so many things growing up. Her eyebrows, her moles, her weight and the fact that being too skinny was always an insecurity of hers. Since growing up and moving on in life, Belle reveals that acknowledging these quirks and accepting this is who she is - is so important. She slowly grew out of her insecurities and is now embodying a confident and comfortable relationship with her mind and body in the woman that she is today.

Belle, we couldn't be prouder!

Lounging with Belle Lucia | Sand Mesh

Everyone's Girl Crush!

Belle’s regular posts and looks on Instagram has us completely hooked and spell bound by her unique beauty. It was an absolute must to ask about her beauty regime and also some guidance on her fitness regime. We wanted to learn a thing or two and share the ins and outs with you girls! However, Belle actually admitted to not having a set workout routine (annoying, we know!) She explained that her work constantly keeps her on the go & exercising is just not at the top of her priorities right now. Belle professes to drinking lots of water & tea to help with her diet and also being a lover of Japanese food - especially Ramen with all it’s goodness and nutritional value!

Belle also loves to travel and has been fortunate enough to find herself modelling all over the world. When chatting away and asking about her travels, it became apparent that this is the best but also the worst part of her career...

‘The best thing is the travelling, seeing so many places, cities and then the worst is travelling - no down time!’

Her favourite place visited so far this year was to the Maldive, but she already confesses to looking forward to the next few places on her bucket list; South Korea, India and Morocco are top of the list, so we hope to see these locations tagged on her Instagram profile soon!

Lounging with Belle Lucia | Lilac Balcony

What Belle wore / loves

We knew we could rely on Belle to look absolutely incredible in everything we brought along to the shoot! But seeing her in the latest Lilac and Lemon Balcony Sets simply blew us away.

What's Belle's favourite set? It had to be the Mesh design in Sand, loving the detail and level of comfort this style has to offer.

When we asked her how she finds our Lounge comforts she told us:

"I LOVE it! It's amazing - it's so comfortable. I love just hanging out in T-shirts and shorts - it's really comfy!

What's Belle's fave colour? She's definitely a girl after our own heart, as her absolute favourite is the Red. A best seller across you girls too - the Red is definitely that fiery style every girl needs in her underwear drawer!

Belle first came across Lounge on her first ever shoot with us, way back when our first Intimates Collection launched, and we may be revealing a little Lounge secret when we tell you that the gorgeous Belle may be joining us again soon to shoot our brand new and unbelievably beautiful new Intimates Collection. Coming Soon!

For anyone wondering their perfect Lounge size, Belle wears a Small in our Bra’s and Bottoms and a 32C in our underwired styles.

Belle's ultimate lounging tip: take a really nice long bath! Then get yourself into bed with a really good horror or crime documentary. Just veg out and definitely order some food! Who knew Belle was into scary films, right!?

Check out Belle’s showcase of stunning looks below...

Lounging with Belle Lucia

Lounging with Belle Lucia

See more of Belle’s interview and find out more here.
Featuring @belle_lucia Shot by @bonniecee


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