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Lounging with Jena Frumes

Jul 14, 2018

It's time to introduce you to the much loved @jenafrumes!

Not only did we spend the day on shoot with her, we also got time to sit down and ask her a few questions we know you'd love answered. Jena Frumes is one of those names that we all know and love, and that we're all dying to know more about! There are so many things we wanted to ask her - so guess what - we went right ahead and did it.

We got to know who her girl crushes are, why she wanted to be an influencer and the reasons behind her success.

To watch the interview in full click here, but we'll give you all the have-to-know info below to give you a snapshot of what we learnt about Jena.

Lounging with Kara Jewell

A Totally Self-Made Influencer.

To be totally open and honest with you girls, Jena is an inspiration. She has worked super hard for what she's got, she's had tough times in her life with people knocking her back, not accepting her height and who she is on order to allow her to pursue a modelling career. But she has pushed through any negativity in her life and proven any knock back from the past wrong. She is a truly inspirational young woman with buckets of flair and finesse.

Jena was telling us stories of how when she was starting out as a model - height was always something that agencies found a problem with. Height is of course still a playing factor for the modelling industry - but how could you turn away Jena. It was those knock backs that made Jena turn to Instagram as a platform to give her a voice and make an impact. And boy, has she succeeded in that!

She's one of those people with real determination and an ambitious attitude, so much so that anyone that puts her down in fact only pushes her further. We could all definitely do with a spoonful of Jena's medicine.

Jena Frumes | Grey Triangle Bra and Thong

Be Inspired

When we asked Jena "If you could look back to your younger self and tell her to do something differently, what would it be?" She answered:

"I would definitely tell myself to just focus more on myself and not think that you need that perfect love story or boyfriend to make it through. You don't need anyone but yourself." 

It's sometimes quite hard when you're in the moment, to remember that the best person to listen to, to trust and to care about is yourself. We're all so obsessed with the people around us that we forget to look out for number one. So this little piece of advice is definitely one to hold on to.

Being healthy, positive and balanced.

When we asked Jena what the 3 most important things are that she aims to reflect to her followers, she answered being healthy, positive and balanced. We can definitely see this through the way she represents herself and totally respect her for it.

It's definitely a good thing to show us girls a variety of looks and styles, as life isn't always perfect, models don't really eat salads every day, and aren't always smiling. We're all normal, we all eat pizza on the weekend... and we deserve it!

Lounging with Jena Frumes | Grey Joggers

What Jena Wore...

Whilst on shoot, Jena rocked a range of different looks from the Lounge Collection. Here's just a few of our favourite shots from the day.

Jena wore a 32C and Small Bottoms and her absolute favourite set was the Khaki Balcony set, loving the earth tone shades and sheer underwired style.

Lounging with Jena Frumes

Lounging with Jena Frumes | Blue Balcony

See more of Jena's interview and find out more here.
Featuring: @jenafrumes Shot by @megbatphoto


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