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Lounging with Kara Jewell

Apr 08, 2018

We sat down with @KaraJewelll to find out everything we thought you'd LOVE to know about her...

We asked Kara a bunch of questions including things like her stance on body confidence, being a women of influence, her beauty secrets and her workout regime, plus her thoughts on Lounge and her favourite sets.
There were so many special, interesting and funny moments with Kara that we think you should definitely go check out, but here are some of the highlights we took away from our chat together that we think you definitely need to know.
To head over and watch the video in full, click here to watch.

Lounging with Kara

Keeping Positive

So, are you a confident person? Not Kara, we're talking directly to you - the lovely lady reading this blog. Do you have confidence in who you are and do you do your best to feel comfortable and happy in your skin? It is a seriously tricky thing to master and something we don't think anyone can fully control and harness every single day, but if we can help you to become a more confident person, to focus on all the positive things about yourself & in your world, then we'll definitely be patting ourselves on the back with massive grins on our faces! So let's start the journey together...
One of the questions we asked Kara was based around what it felt like to be a women of influence and how she went about ensuring she was influencing young women with the right messages.
As part of our female family, you'll know about the shrine we hold up high to being a woman with confidence. It is SO important in today's world to look up to people who are spreading positive messages and influencing you to be your best self. And we truly believe after sitting down with the lovely Kara, that she should definitely be one of these people for you!
We asked Kara: If you could look back at your younger self and give her advice, what would it be?
Her almost instant response was - to not worry about the little things.
Such a simple statement, but so true. How many of us girls are guilty of obsessing over the smallest things? How long our nails are, how tight our abs are, or how good our tan is - but if we just stopped for a moment, and quit focussing on all of these little niggles in our lives, we'd be able to focus on what's really important.
Kara also said: "You need to really worry about what makes you healthy and happy and feel good about yourself, and not worry so much about the way others are perceiving you."
She mentioned that the day before our shoot with her, there were some people on instagram commenting on and making fun of her eyebrows... Yet, she loves her eyebrows and they're one of her favourite features about herself! For some of us, we'd read those comments and want to curl up into a ball, we'd be scrolling through loads of eyebrow posts and redesigning our face within an instant. But amazingly, she literally shook it off with a 'who cares' kind of attitude. 
We had to literally high five her for this!
Having power and confidence in who you are ladies, makes you so much stronger. Confidence is sexy and we all definitely need to take a handful of this Kara confidence and share it with all our best girlfriends. Our day to day will be much better off with this amazing mindset!

White Balcony

Feel Inspired

Here is, in our eyes, Kara's most beautiful message from the interview:
"What everyone needs to know is, whenever you're looking on social media and you see these beautiful women, living these ideal lifestyles, travelling the world... you have to remember influencers don't post their bad days, they only post their best days. So everyone has ups, everyone has downs, no-one has the perfect life and no-one is perfect. So just remember, never compare yourself to anyone!"

Happy and Healthy

We also asked Kara if she works out and if so, how often?
We were just desperate to know, as I'm sure you are too! We wanted to know what her secrets are for her incredible figure and what her ab workouts and techniques are to keep in shape.
We were incredibly shocked to hear the following words come out of her mouth:
"I don't work out! Like never, it's really bad. I just eat pizza!"
Let's all just take a big sigh together! (*SIGH*)

Rose Balconette

If we are honest, after spending time with Kara & chatting with her more about this, what we really stood out to us is that focussing on her healthy mindset & looking after her body is what really keeps her feeling fresh, happy & completely at one with who she is and how she represents herself. Kara is super into the importance of having a positive mindset in order to centre your emotions and get the most out of every day. And honestly, we think this outlook is just AMAZING!
Forget working out for one minute girls, and focus on your inner happiness. It will definitely improve your confidence and your outlook on life.

What Kara Wore...

We shot a bunch of pieces from the collection with Kara, from comfy cottons to sexy black lace. She also absolutely loved the chunky apparel loungewear! Take a closer look at Kara's Lounge wardrobe and refresh your undies and apparel drawer.

Lounge underwear | Comfortable Underwear | Kara Jewell

Lounge underwear | Comfortable Underwear | Kara Jewell

Lounging favourites

We also want to share with you some of Kara's favourites, her relationship with Lounge and joining our female family. As you know, we're all about that Comfort Made Sexy. Nothing's better than combining the two and walking around feeling super sexy in your secret Lounge comforts. Kara completely agreed - whenever you're at your most comfortable you definitely look more sexy.
If you were wondering... Kara wears a Small in both Top and Bottoms, and a 34C in our underwired sets.
She said: "Everything's super stretchy, comfortable... the sweat pants are really soft so i definitely want to live in these from now on. Everything's just really easy, nothing's poking you, it's super cozy!"
Her favourite set out of all the current collections is the Rose Balconette! She LOVES pink and thinks that Rose or Blush are the colours that best reflect her personality, which we totally agree with.
One other cheeky question we asked was - what should we do next... Lounge Swim or Lounge Active. To which she answered "I think Lounge would do amazing with Swim!"
So, watch this space!
See more of Kara's interview and find out more here.
Featuring: @karajewelll Shot by @megbatphoto


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