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Lounging with Kristina Mendonca

Jun 21, 2018

Beauty, charm, humour & kindness. Who says you can’t have it all!? It’s time to get to know the lovely @kristinamendonca, who shows us that you absolutely can!

We spent the day with the beautiful Kristina to find out the ins and outs of our Aussie babe. We have been fortunate enough to work with Kris for almost a year now, so yes, we know you may have seen her slender self and striking features grace our Instagram accounts over these past few months… but let us open your eyes to the side of Kristina that you don’t get to see every day. We can’t wait to share this with you!

During our chat together, we may have fallen even more in love with the Australian model (if that’s even possible), as she shared her story, charm & hilarious self with us. And now you have the chance to see more about our girl right here. We quizzed Kristina on important life lessons growing up, beauty secrets, workout regimes & the importance of being a young woman in today’s society.

Click here to watch the interview.

Get yourself prepped for your cheeks to ache after 20 minutes of laughter with this truly beautiful female, inside and out.

Lounging with Kristina Mendonca

Words of wisdom

Forget Dua Lipa’s rules, we are all about Kristina’s life advice!

‘Have fun! Eat all the chocolate you want! Do whatever - because you're young and you have no responsibilities.’

Sounds like THE best bit of advice, right? Kristina has the right kind of work, life and love balance, recognising how important it is to enjoy life and also sharing with us that being an influencer in today’s world isn’t always as it seems. We may see the best of the best pictures and stories posted on our feeds, but Kristina will be the first to tell us that this is not always the case!

Kristina told us: 'Sometimes I will post a happy photo of me laughing & I don’t know, being in a bikini on a beach having so much fun, and deep down I’m like fighting with my boyfriend going “oh my god, you’re such a little s***! I hate you, but I’m going to post a really funny Instagram & be happy, people are going to think I’m happy.” So just always remember, everything you see on Instagram is not always true.'

Our bare faced, natural beauty embodies everything all girls should strive for and we are all about empowering each other and encouraging real women to feel positive and confident.

We talked about love, how smitten she is with her beau Johnny & how her goals this year may involve a baby Mendonca! Just kidding! Well, maybe later down the line - but for now Kristina’s fun loving, free sprit is focusing on channelling positivity, keeping a strong mind and being nothing but nice to anyone she crosses paths with.

Pink Balcony Bra and Thong

A life full of love & blessings

Kristina started modelling towards the end of her school years, admitting that being a model wasn’t always a dream of hers and that her love for her animals (especially her family of dogs) led her to believe that being a vet could have been how she spent her life. Her strong family values, ambitious mum and supporting ‘star-dad’ have helped Kristina’s success’, plus her never ending enjoyment and love for the modelling industry. She absolutely loves her job, meeting new people and shooting in amazing locations! C’mon! Who wouldn’t?!

We also asked Kris what some of the best things are in her life right now, and although you know we’re all about female power, we literally loved her response. For Kristina, this question was answered with the warmest heart and biggest smile;

‘At the moment, the best thing that has happened to me is - it’s going to sound so cheesy… but my boyfriend. He’s so sweet & I am so lucky to have him. If he wasn’t in my life, I wouldn’t know what I would do.’

Cute or what? So girls, if your other half is one of your best things in life - remind them! They need to know every now and again that they are doing a good job. But equally - a girls’ got to keep a guy on his toes, so never forget that besties and bra’s come before bro’s!

And just a quickie directed right at you: yes you, the lovely lady reading this blog; if we were to ask you the same question, what would you say? What are the best things in your life right now? It’s these small moments and simple questions that take us away from the everyday stresses and brings us into this happy place, remembering how lucky we actually are.

Blue Apparel Leggings | Loungewear

A life full of laughs

If you follow Kristina on Instagram, you will already know how hilarious this girl can be (if you don’t - you most certainly should be). Her witty captions and care-free attitude is so refreshing to see, especially when she looks that amazing all the time! At one point during our chat together she even questions why she does have so many followers?! Confessing to being completely goofy and weird!

A little laughter a day is always welcomed by us, and if we are honest, we think we may have just found our new best friend! If you share Kristina’s humour like us, this short insight to the life of Kristina Mendonca will certainly have your tummy tickling when she talks all things shopping, ideal lazy days, chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate!


Without a doubt, Kristina absolutely killed every piece we shot her in. Her minty green favourite complimented her skin-tone, style & matched her personality perfectly - the Mint Balcony set!

Kristina wears a Medium in both Bra and Bottoms, a 34C in our Balcony Collection & also highlights that her favourite set is the Pearl Balconette, in which she wears a 34D for personal preference and added comfort.

Style tip! Kristina’s favourite way to lounge is to wear the Lace bra’s under a white, see-through tee, so you can see the lace bra underneath. Subtle and sexy!

Like most of our ‘Lounging with’ features, we asked a cheeky question with a little Lounge reveal… “What would you like to see Lounge do next? Lounge Swim or Lounge Active?" And unsurprisingly Kristina is most excited about Lounge designing a swim line next, and told us: ‘Swim! Swim, swim, swim! I have so much swim and I work for so many swim brands, so I would really love to see how you guys do it.’

We are definitely experiencing a reoccurring theme here with all our girls sharing this same interest for the splash of Lounge Swim. We cannot wait to share our beyond beautiful designs with you girls! Keep those eyes peeled ladies… you heard it here first.

Moss Apparel | Khaki Jumper and Shorts | Loungewear

Feel inspired

Here at Lounge, we believe each and every one of you is beautiful. Yes you, reading this blog! Our goal has always been to empower and enforce confidence in all of you. You know you will always have that never ending love and support from your female family. We asked Kristina what she believes makes a women beautiful? And she told us:

‘Having a strong personality, I love seeing a girl walk into a bar or anywhere, walking into a room & they just own it. I love that.’

So girls, take a shot or 2 of confidence and walk into a room completely owning it! Confidence is beauty!

What Kristina wore...

Of course Kristina looked incredible in every set we photographed her in, so here are some of our favourite looks from the day. We combined a range of different looks mixing and matching with our Apparel and Underwear pieces including, Kristina’s favourite set - the Balconette.

 Lounge underwear | Lounge Apparel | Loungewear

Lounge underwear | Lounge Apparel | Loungewear

See more of Kristina’s interview and find out more here.
Featuring: @kristinamendonca Shot by @jessicaabrahamphotography


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