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Lounging with Natalie Roser

Jun 16, 2018

It felt about time that we took some time out to lounge with the beautiful @natalie_roser, after admiring her care-free, can do attitude for so long. Natalie is definitely our kind of girl and we think she’ll be yours too!

So, we spent some time chatting with Natalie, getting to know her do’s and dont’s, things that make her tick and also reasons why being a female in today’s world is always amazing in Nat’s world!

There are so many things we want to update you on, but this post would definitely be a little on the long side… So let us cover the best bits for you, and be sure to head over and watch the video in full to enjoy every single moment, and laugh a lot.

Click here to watch it all

Lounging with Natalie Roser

Here are some of our most loved moments from our chat with Nat and a little bit of inspo for you to always love the skin you’re in!

A life full of smiles.

We’re literally not kidding! The whole interview with Natalie was practically one big grin. She is just one of those girls that knows that surrounding yourself with good company, good vibes and never forgetting good underwear - will directly impact your mood and help you to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. She told us it’s all about “surrounding yourself with all the goodness”, and we literally couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

So what is all the goodness? Goodness includes your best girlfriends, your partner, amazing food (and not just good for you food, find the best balance of chocolates and greens), and also all of your surrounding environments and exploring the places you want to see. You'll definitely find buckets of happiness there too. Next on Natalie’s buckets list are Mexico, Greece and Queenstown. She could list them in seconds and was making plans to go and visit them as soon as she can, to make new and special memories in her favourite places with her favourite people.

What's on your bucket list? If you cant list them quick and start to get those excited feelings and inspiring dreams about your travels - you need to start thinking about some new adventures. Let your brain wonder and explore new places.

We definitely learnt from Natalie that all of these things combine together to make a happier mindset and happier heart.

The perfect love story.

Not all of us are loved up - but we know it’s so important to be happy for those who are. And boy are we happy for these two!

When you ask a girl what she loves about her other half and she ponders for a short moment and then nervously replies saying, “everything” - you know it’s definitely the real deal. Harley and Nat are literally stronger together.

We all dream of someone that will go out of their way to make us feel special, and guess who found her perfect human - yes, you guessed it - the lovely Natalie Roser. And to be honest, she totally deserves it.

Nat explained to us that he recently said to her that 'he loves that she’s a woman'. Now, that may sound weird written down, but it totally makes sense and we love him for it. You need to watch the video to understand what he means, but trust us when we say it’s just so gorgeous!

She also told us a story about when her and Harley first met - they were in New Zealand and they dove off the edge of a cliff strapped to one another on a bungee cord. Literally a real life Disney Tarzan and Jane moment! How amazing!

In her own words: “I had this really cute guy next to me and I’m like strapped in and we’re like kind of touching - *Nat’s nervous face* - … and I'm falling off a cliff. So adrenaline levels were high!” We just couldn’t get over this moment. For all our girls looking for love, let's all march together and head to the New Zealand bungee jump spots and find someone to jump off with! It worked for Nat.

Lounge Apparel

Nat's go to workouts

We all love a little bit of workout inspiration to spice up our non existing regime, so we got the info you need girls! You know you can count on us.

So… here’s Natalie’s workout musts, and we all know we’d love her killer figure, so let’s take every bit of advice we can get.

1. Treadmill sprints: 200 metres on, 200 metres off, for 20 rounds if you’re feeling ambitious or 10 rounds if you want to take it easy. Now, this scared the hell out of us here at Lounge too. But if you’re feeling extra active one day, head to the gym, jump on that dreaded treadmill and sprint sprint sprint! Use the rubber panels on the sides of the central running strip to take time out and then jump straight back on. This way you can keep the treadmill running fast and just jump in and out when your heart is ready. Killer, but so worth it!

2. Weights circuits: 50 squats, 50 lunges, 50 sit-ups… 40 squats, 40 lunges, 40 sit-ups… 30 squats, 30 lunges, 30 sit-ups… etc etc all the way down to 10. Boy your legs are going to sting, but imagine the gains on your bum, tum and thighs. Winning!

Go girls! You’ve got this!

Growing up as a young woman

It was interesting to us and important for us to tell you, sometimes the people who influence you most, when you reflect on things and look back, are often those closest to you, not necessarily people you look up to on social media or in magazines. Of course, all these people we look to are inspiring and great to aspire to! But for real life moments, the people close to you are who you should always focus on.

Every girl grows up with insecurities, even Natalie, who you may naturally perceive as a perfect human with a perfect life and a perfect body. Natalie grew up not thinking she was smart enough to communicate herself properly to people around her and had self confidence issues with her body as a young model… just like the rest of us. Yet now as a grown women, when she looks back she realises it was her family, her mum and dad, and her nan that influenced her the most and made her who she is today.

Why is this important? Well, because it’s really easy now for us to look to influencers and think their instagram life is real, and for us to look up to what we perceive their every day life is. But it is so important to remember instagram shows the very best bits, and your family is usually right! The people closest to you are always the best people to turn to when you need a little TLC and support.

Sand Triangle

Feel Inspired

Here is our favourite quote from Natalie. We could not agree with her more:

"To me being beautiful… I think it's just about being a good person and respecting others. Thinking of when I look at my girlfriends and think - ‘Ah you are so beautiful’ … it’s always because of something they’ve done, not because of something they’re wearing or what they look like in a particular moment. It’s more about what you put out into the world that makes you beautiful."

5 things Natalie loves about being a woman

We loved Natalie's top things about being a woman, so just had to list them below for you. But definitely go watch her response in the interview, it'll have you in stitches;

1. Boobs

2. Smelling good

3. That we all have that unspoken understanding about that time of the month

4. Women's generosity with sharing tampons - even with a complete stranger

5. That we can birth a child!

How spot on and real are these. We love all of these things! We're pretty incredible, let's be honest.

What Natalie Wore…

Whilst with Natalie, of course we had to capture some beautiful shots to share with you. Here’s a couple of her favourite pieces, including her absolute favourite love from Lounge - the Khaki Balcony Bra and Thong set.

Lounge underwear

Lounge underwear

See more of Natalie's interview and find out more here.
Featuring: @natalie_roser Shot by @jessicaabrahamphotography


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