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Lounging with The Herberts

Aug 10, 2018 · 6 min read

Keeping it in the family with our favourite twins @elisha_h & @reneeherbet_

Have you ever wondered what life would be like with a constant bestie by your side? Double the trouble or double the fun? This Lounge feature gets personal with not 1, but 2 of our girls - Elisha & Renee Herbert.

These two beauties have taken the modelling and Instagram world by storm and after spending the day shooting with them in LA, we can certainly see why. We did of course manage to squeeze in some time to have a moment of lounging with the duo to ask them all important questions we thought you might like answering, all the way from twinning and modelling, to some real girl talk on female influence and insecurities.

To watch the full interview click here

Lounging with the Herberts

Life as they know it.

First things first, the biggest secret of all; these girls aren’t actually twins! Who knew?! Believe us, we were just as shocked as you! Elisha and Renee are actually triplets with their brother completing the trio. They describe life as a three as ‘super cool’ having each other for company and having lots of fun growing up. They do also have another older brother and sister, so this brood of beauty comes in its masses! Imagine the family parties...

Throughout our interview, it is clear to see how well these girls get on, how natural and comfortable they feel shooting together and just being around each other. It was so nice to see how they compliment one another not only through the images captured, but as sisters and family too! Our quick fire round enabled us to see whether the girls really are in sync… but as all sisters will tell you - they do not agree on everything! The classic who takes longer to get ready question definitely creates a slight debate between the two!

Renee is in fact the older twin and Elisha is slightly taller with a small freckle on her face to distinguish the two. Both LOVE old movies, eating sushi and popcorn on lazy lounging days, and are self confessed ‘loonatics’ when dancing to their all time fave Michael Jackson. Great taste in music girls! 

Lounging with the Herberts | Pink Triangle Set

Twinning advise.

As young girls within the industry, they recognise the impact Instagram influencers have on young women today and find that the constant comparison from Instagram to everyday life is actually a real life struggle. They stress that is so important to be yourself and to completely OWN IT. 

There were some really empowering messages and advice from the two & we cannot thank the girls enough for sharing their thoughts. Here are some of our favourite quotes:

‘You can only improve on yourself, you cannot pretend and mould yourself into someone else. Be confident in your own skin.’

‘Be yourself, love yourself’

Wise words! We hope hearing such important messages helps and encourages you all to be the confident women we know you can and should be! Their main beauty tip is; ‘find time to moisturise, your skin is a reflection of what you put into your body. Eat well, drink a lot of water.’ So grab yourself a cute water bottle girls - keep yourself hydrated, add some lemons and cucumber. Look after your body and love the skin you’re in.

Lounging with the Herbert | Balcony Bra | Lace underwear

The key message that shined through during our chat, was to promote and channel good positive vibes. It’s as simple as that.

The girls admitted to trying to be as honest as they can be throughout their social media channels & addressing that they are often vulnerable and open with what they choose to show on their accounts. Their biggest influences growing up were their mother and their older sister. As a family and being there for the girls from the beginning - having their older sister & mum to rely and count on helped the girls learn their ways and instil important family values that moulded them into the young women they are today.

Twice as much lovin’ for Lounge.

As you all should know by now, our mission is to deliver an equal amount of comfort Vs sexy in all that we do and this was the first time Elisha and Renee were able to really try out all our collections and see this for themselves! They too, could feel this when changing into the different collections throughout the day and loved our level of luxury when snuggling down for their interview in their new Lounge Apparel tracksuits.

We asked the girls a bunch of different questions on Lounge to get some real feedback from girls we know our customers will love; how they rate our designs, how they find the fit and ultimately how they feel when wearing our sets. We wanted to know their favourite pieces so far and what colour they believed would best reflect their personalities.

Elisha confidently expressed the Mesh Sets were a definite favourite design for her, choosing the pure white shade to match her persona & also revealing that her psychic mentioned she was an angel in her previous life, hence why she opted for the pure, angelic shade! Interesting fact!

This led us onto asking Renee her favourite collection & she picked the complete opposite colour scheme, picking our renowned best seller - the Red Balcony. Both girls then began laughing cheekily at each other and their contrast in colour choices, stating that this could reveal Renee’s devilish ways as opposed to her twins psychic revelation!

Lounging with the Herberts | Lounge Apparel

What Elisha & Renee wore.

Living & lounging in their favourite sweats, these girls blew us away on set with twice the amount of comfort and double the amount of sexy.

Both girls wear an XS in bra’s, fit a 32B bust and XS bottoms. See a small glance of the girls in action on the day of the shoot below.

Lounging with the Herberts
Lounging with the Herberts
See more of Elisha and Renee’s interview and find out more here.
Featuring @elisha_h @reneeherbert_ Shot by @jessicaabrahamphotography


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