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Make this Valentines Day an Extra Special One | Lounge underwear

Feel the V-Day Love with Lounge ❤️

Spend this Valentines cooing over the one you love in Lounge underwear...

Lounge underwear | Balcony underwear | Lace underwear | Red Bra

For us, V-Day is about telling those you love, that you love them.

Whether it be your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or your best friend - it's all about spreading the love and feeling extra specially loved for one whole day. Plus, it's a day to remind us that we should tell those we love - that we love them - more often than perhaps we usually do!

And yes, (we suppose) with all this spreading of love, joy and happiness, does come a little bit of extra sexy expectations for one day... if you fancy it!

We recently launched our new Balcony sets, designed to offer you a pair of underwear that starts your outfit on the sassier side of life, but never of course budging from that much needed comfort that we all love and deserve.

We don't need Cupid to make you fall in love ❤️ these sets simply lure you in themselves...

Lounge underwear | Balcony underwear | Lace underwear | Black Bra

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, and so is Lounge Balcony... in Black and Pink too!

The Balcony sets are designed with delicate soft lace, an underwired cup for added support and beautiful embossed straps with the statement Lounge logo. We have launched our Balcony sets initially in Black, Pink, Blue and Red (a particular favourite for Valentines crushes).

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to be surprised with a set this V-Day...

But just in case you're not, we want to spread the love and offer you FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING by using code VDAY at the checkout 🌹

With lots of Lounge love x  


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