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Making a statement | Miami Swim Week 2019

Jul 16, 2019 · 3 min read

An unforgettable runway experience.

Last Friday 12th July, we hit the runway by storm showing Miami that Lounge means serious business, showcasing what a range of strong women can look like.
We made it our mission to ensure that we did Miami Swim Week our way - and girls, we did you proud.
Our show was bold, it was full of amazing energy, and it had the whole audience stunned by its beauty and flare - all driven by a group of models that each individually played their role in representing women way beyond the four viewing walls.
We were absolutely stunned and totally taken aback by the huge influx of models that were so passionate and wishing desperately to walk the runway for us, so determined to be a part of our Female Family and join the wave that we’re riding… and whilst we sadly couldn’t have everyone, we were so unbelievably grateful to all the girls that shared so much love and support ahead of our runway. Each and every one of you is special and should be so proud of the confidence and courage that you emanate… and we’re sure that won’t be the last we see of each other! (* Psst… keeping reading)
Lounge Swim
When casting for the show, it was incredibly important for us to ensure our catwalk was inclusive. We wanted to make a statement in Miami that the underwear industry is moving places, and that we’re incredibly excited to be leading the way, carving out our own path one day at a time.
Learning as we go…
There are a few things that stand out incredibly clearly for us - things that we are sure stand out for many of you too.
When we look at the fashion industry and more specifically - runway shows - there are three quite crucial categories that seem to still be sitting firmly in place, even now. There are so many incredible and emerging brands, across many industries, that are trying to make a change, yet we still see headline names doing fashion with this one size fits all approach…
These categories that we witness more often than not have so-called ‘requirements’ that are somewhat limited and in our opinion incredibly out of touch. They’re restricting the vision of a runway and allowing what can feel like a twisted circle to keep on turning…
Those categories for us are ‘height’, ‘size’ and ‘race’ - all of which were celebrated on our runway in real and diverse moments. Head here to meet our final model line up behind the scenes and get to know them behind the scenes.Lounge Swim Bikinis
It is at our core to bring confidence and comfort to our family of women. Whether that be through a quick chat on instagram, checking in on how you’re getting on with your comfies or what you have your eyes on next - all the way through to flying the brand out of the UK and over to Miami, speaking directly with a huge range of different women, and getting to know their stories and why they were where they were.
We connected with so many young women, all different and all unique in yes, absolutely their look, but more importantly, in their story.
To all the models that we met and everyone reading this, right this second… take this message now from us:
There is a wave coming!
We want to open our arms farther and wider than ever before to revolutionise the underwear industry and open new doors and opportunities to aspiring young women.
We’re going to hold hands with the biggest dreamers that share our values and aspirations, all walking forward together in some of the biggest and boldest moments that the industry is yet to see.
Our moment in Miami marked the beginning.
So watch this space, and keep in touch.
Lounge Swim Miami


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