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Meet Alice. A true Lounge Legend!

May 04, 2019

One of those posts that stops you in your tracks.

Meet @aliceroberts_ ... a beautiful lady who's been a part of our Female Family for so long now, someone we care so much about and are determined to support on a recent announcement she made on her instagram...

Lounge  underwear | Alice Roberts

⚠️ important ⚠️
@aliceroberts_ : I’ve had a lot of you reach out about this, so I thought I may as well do a post. I’ve also never shared anything quite so personal on insta before so it’s a bit weird for me, but here it is anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️. Basically I felt a little lump in my boob about a year ago, I got it tested and results came back as very likely to be a fibroadenoma (which is benign- yay), I got it re-tested a few months ago and it had apparently changed in shape and size, therefore I was told it was most likely a tumour (not so yay). We did another biopsy on it which came back kind of benign/kind of unclear, so the doctor recommended I remove it as it could turn malignant over time- so that’s what the surgery was yesterday.
It was a 45 min procedure, and my first operation, so it was pretty scary for me, but I got through it quite easily in the end. Yes, I will now have a scar (which I’m really scared to see in two weeks when the bandages come off 😩), but it’s just the way it is, & was the right thing to do for my body.
The lump will get thoroughly tested, & I’ll have to do a few more tests as well, but fingers crossed I’ll be all clear ☺️. I’m very lucky I spotted it early, and grateful I had access to a surgeon who was able to remove it.
Moral of the story- ladies (and gents), check your boobs ❤️
#femalefamily #loungelegends

Firstly, you lot are amazing!

We were seriously taken aback by the support you guys shared following this recent post. 

Watching all of our girls come together to share their individual experiences and offer their love and strength was honestly incredible to see.

While Instagram are considering removing likes from the public view, we stand strong knowing that over 50,000 women (and men) have seen this message... 50,000 + of you have engaged with it, pressed like, and hopefully put your phone down and taken the time and courage to check your body.

Hundreds of you shared love, shared experiences and power.

It was honestly one of those moments that makes the hairs stick up on your arm.

Knowing that our audience were all coming together to support Alice's experience and offering their words of wisdom and love was a proud moment for us and we couldn't be more proud of Alice for sharing her story and being so strong.

It was also incredibly moving to see how many of you had experienced similar procedures and moments in your life, and how many people this message really can impact...

You all inspired us, and i hope we (Alice & the Lounge team) helped to inspire you too.

Secondly... it's time to take care of you!

Alice's story got us thinking...

You start thinking about all the women in your life and how important they really are. All of you are our family... our network, our strength, our long distance connections. You are so important to us and we want to ensure we're sharing the right messages and supporting you in your everyday life and the decisions you make.

One comment read: "I had the same but scared to have a check up".

This really hit home for us and made us wonder how many thousands of people out there are too scared to even check. It's almost that attitude of - what i don't know won't hurt me... but honestly guys and girls, please read Alice's story and allow it to give you the confidence to just check or even ask someone you love and trust to help you. 

Your life is precious, none of us are super humans - even those beautiful influencers that you look up to!

There has never been a more poignant moment for us to share strength and compassion, and offer a little bit of advise on how to look after you.

There is a bunch of advise online, but here's just a few points to ensure you're looking after your body.

The breast self-examination tips...

You may not even realise you know, but most women know what their breasts normally feel and look like, and you should be able to notice any changes. But of course, all breasts are different and yours will change during different parts of every month.

Things to look out for:

Unusual discomfort or pain 
Changes in the shape of your breasts
Lumps you haven't felt before
Changes to your nipples

If you have any concerns regarding the above points, just take a trip to your GP and put to rest any of your worries that you might have early on. No question is a silly one and it is so important to have the confidence to chat it through with someone close to you or your doctor.

We also loved chatting with you girls and sharing knowledge and experiences with those of you that have been through similar journeys. Never feel shy to pop us a DM or comment below. We're always here to offer our love and guidance.

That's what your #FemaleFamily is for.

We'll be keeping close with Alice and ensuring she has the support she needs. Whether that's through a quick catch up and a giggle to keep her smiling and strong, or if that's through comfy bras and loungewear to keep her comfortable and supported.  We've got you Alice xo

Please don't read this and move on. Just stop for a moment and have a little think. It's so important.



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