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Meet Janine Spencer | & Why Lounge Underwear Made Life More Comfortable

Making Life Comfortable with Lounge

Lounge underwear | White Bra | Black Bra | Comfortable underwear

Recently we got to know one of our promoters, Janine Spencer a little better. Little did we know that Janine suffers with a condition that meant that finding comfortable underwear was a massive priority for her, to make everyday attire fit and feel better against her skin.

Here's what Janine had to say...

When Lounge Underwear approached me for a promotional collaboration I didn’t ever think that I would love their intimate pieces as much as I do. Designed for “lounging” around in, the brand has really hit on a concept for their pieces that is so simple and have executed that idea in a super stylish way making their sets a huge success online. I have suffered with constant breast pain since forever! A problem that is medically termed “Costochondritis” which is a condition affecting the cartilage that joins your ribs to your breastbone that becomes inflamed – making wearing under-wired and heavily padded bras an uncomfortable experience. Lounge Underwear gets rid of those rigid structures and strips it down to the basics – just pure stretchy, soft fabric. They are my go-to underwear as soon as I get home and of course for lounging around in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Lounge underwear | Black Bra | Black Thong | Comfortable underwear

Comfort Made Sexy

It was a pleasure for us to here that Lounge has offered Janine so much comfort and that a little comfort made sexy has made a difference to her everyday life.

Check out her blog and check out her instagram @janineespencer to see her beautiful fashion inspiration.

Lounge underwear | White Bra | White Thong | Comfortable underwear

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