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Meet Our Sustainability Intern Who is Pushing Sustainable Underwear for Lounge

Sep 12, 2020 · 4 min read

In case you didn’t already know, we’re big on sustainability.

And we don’t just mean the odd product here and there, girls. Oh no. We’re taking drastic steps to produce more sustainable underwear with the same levels of comfort and even more stunning designs. All for you. Yes, you!

At Lounge, we do things big and we have even bigger dreams. It’s only right that we find the right people to help us achieve those dreams. People who are dedicated, committed, who share similar passions and even more importantly, people who looove to Lounge. 

Sustainability has always been something we have strived towards and with the help of our Sustainability Intern, Alex, we have been able to make those dreams a reality. We caught up with Alex to talk sustainability at Lounge, her vision for the future and what sustainability means to her.

You came into Lounge as a recent graduate. How does it feel to be working for a company who uplift and empower women so early on in your career?

Lounge has always been a dream company of mine to work for and I was so lucky to get an opportunity as soon as I had finished University. It’s so exciting to work for a company with such a bright future and a team full of passionate individuals. The team is always creating innovative concepts and blowing our minds every day! I think it's so important to create a positive message for all women to empower themselves and this is a message which runs throughout the brand. We really are a #FemaleFamily.


What kinds of things have you been getting up to so far to push sustainability in the business?

As Lounge's Sustainability Intern, I've been introduced to something new every day - from researching new recycled packaging concepts to sustainable fabrics and ethical processes. We are currently focusing on finding out the carbon footprint of the whole company. We can then analyse how we can ensure anything from our HQ to product journey is as sustainable as possible. We really want to cover every inch of the business and make sure everything is as sustainable as possible.


Our Sustainability Intern, Alex, holding the Pink Bamboo Minimal Triangle Bra and Thong


What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability to me is key for our future. I see it as an innovative and exciting project to work on. There are always new ideas and bundles of inspiration to take onboard to ensure we are always doing the most we can.
Sustainability has so many wider positive impacts on our whole planet, which is why it is so important for us to get right.


We've recently launched the Bamboo Triangle. What do you like most about the collection?

I love how this collection is bringing something completely new and modern to such a staple product for Lounge. Our Triangle Set has always been such a popular product and it’s
so exciting to give it a little revamp. It’s eco friendly underwear that is simply timeless

Bamboo has so many amazing properties and I can really see this being a fabric which takes over the fashion industry for it’s comfortable and sustainable benefits. And of course, the photoshoot with our gorgeous models is absolutely amazing!

Bamboo has many benefits - which do you think is the most important and why?

There are SO many to choose from - bamboo really is an amazing fabric which has so many amazing properties. I think the fact that bamboo produces 35% more oxygen and also consumes five times as much CO2 as trees really shows how innovative bamboo is. The positive repercussions of using bamboo goes so much further than the beautiful underwear we wear. The fabric is also so soft and I can't wait to wear it every day!


What is your favourite colour out of the collection?

I think my favourite colours are the ‘All Cream’ or ‘Olive’ sets, but I would definitely pick all of them if I could.


What do you hope to achieve in the coming months and years to really push sustainability for Lounge?

I am excited to see the progress in sustainability in Lounge. I would love to see every aspect of our packaging and products being made out of 100% recycled materials. This is something which will take us a long time to transition into but definitely an achievable goal. I think it will always be a matter of ‘can we do more?’ which is a question we will always ask ourselves to make sure we are as sustainable as possible.


Finally, if you were to sum up the Bamboo Triangle Collection in three words, what would they be?

Sustainable, sexy and super-comfortable…does that count as three? 

Want to find out more about what we’re doing at Lounge to become more sustainable? Check out our Ethos page where we discuss our plans to design more sustainable and eco friendly underwear as well as what we’re doing across our distribution services and HQ. Sustainability is and will always be, something we strive to do better.

Our Bamboo Triangle Collection is here and ready for you, ladies. Don’t waste any time grabbing this one.



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