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Motivational Mantras For The New Year: The HQME Edition

Lounge Underwear Motivational Mantras For The New Year: The HQME Edition

What a year it’s been, Loungers! Whilst 2021 has been many things, most importantly, it’s been a year that has encouraged us to hold our closest ones closer and be more thankful for the smaller joys in life. Not forgetting to celebrate every single win, big or small!

2022 is the year to inspire and be inspired and January is the perfect time to set yourself some achievable goals to help you become the best version of yourself. Whether you’re looking to take a step up the career ladder, start a new hobby or focus more on your wellbeing, we’ll be supporting you every step of the way. Besides, the sky’s the limit and we know you can achieve anything you put your mind to! 

To help you stay on track (because let’s be honest, the hardest thing about New Year’s Resolutions is actually sticking to them) we caught up with our very own Loungers to hear what motivational mantras they’ll be adopting to inspire them to achieve their goals throughout 2022.

New Year's Resolutions With Lounge


Georgie, Finance Executive

“My New Year’s Resolution is to prioritise self care and me time, as I find myself running around all over the place for friends and family and I always put taking time out for myself at the bottom of my priority list."

“This goes hand in hand with my newfound mantra that big journeys begin with small steps. This is a little reminder to myself that I don’t need to be moving planets or running here, there and everywhere in order to be making achievements in my life, especially as I’ve been trying to overcompensate post-lockdown to try to fit in all the things that I felt like I missed out on. It’s also to remind myself that taking 5 minutes for myself won’t detract from going out and enjoying life.”

Lounge New Year's Resolutions: Georgie


Connie, Senior Customer Experience Executive

“My New Year’s Resolution is to try new things, go to new places and have new experiences at least once a month, but preferably more." 

“My motivational mantra would be to only attract positive energy.

Lounge New Year's Resolutions: Connie


Josh, Senior Creative Designer

“My New Year’s Resolution is to keep on pushing myself creatively and keep driving myself forward in my career to achieve my long-term goals. I’m also keen to buy a house and a new car." 

“My motivational mantra is to treat people how you wish to be treated.

 Lounge New Year's Resolutions: Josh

Sophie, Partnerships Executive

“My New Year’s Resolutions are to trust in the timing of my life more and to maintain a happy and healthy mindset."

“My motivational mantra is positive vibes, always.

Lounge New Year's Resolutions: Sophie


Jack, Senior Paid Media Executive 

“This year, my New Year’s Resolution is to combat my fears and finally book a marathon.”

“Meanwhile, my motivational mantra is ‘yesterday you said tomorrow.’"

Lounge's New Year's Resolutions: Jack



From maintaining a healthy mindset to working on their professional development, our Loungers have got success set in their sights. Now, you can too! It’s time to believe in yourself and never look back.

It doesn’t matter whether your New Year’s Resolutions are big or small, it’s all about working on you, for you. Besides, you’re in control of your own destiny and the only opinion that matters is your own. 

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