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#MyBoobsMyBody | Happy International Women's Day

Lounge Underwear #MyBoobsMyBody

Today marks a joyous day…

It’s officially International Women’s Day!

That’s right, a whole day to celebrate: us.

Now firstly, let’s face it - here at Lounge we make every effort to ensure that every single day of the year, (that’s all 365 of them) is all about celebrating our Female Family… you, your sister, your mum, your bestie, your granny, next door neighbour, teacher, gym fave and even the lady that serves you your morning coffee.

But we must admit, this day does give us a bit of an especially sassy feminine feeling…

That self-righteous moment to stand tall, fold our arms, and nod our heads with a massive smile on our face - to all things womanhood.

As far as being a girl goes… well, we think it’s pretty great.

And so, to celebrate, we’re doing something special.

And we really mean, extra special.

Today officially begins one hell of a beautiful campaign with Lounge…

(If we do say so ourselves!)

This is #MyBoobsMyBody.

A campaign to honour all that is ours, and all that should be celebrated. No matter our size (or cup size!), shape, race and to be honest, even gender. Our bodies carry us every day, and our boobs help define what makes us unique. And in the current climate, we often don’t give them the love and recognition they deserve. Our bodies and our boobs are ours, and my god, we should love them with all our hearts because they're what make us, us.

This week long campaign is here to do a few things, so let us just go ahead and give you the lowdown.

We’re about to...

Bring together our Female Family, and introduce you to the 7 incredible women that joined us to celebrate their beautiful boobs and bodies. Meet the girls >
Empower you, and remind you how incredible you are. You are worthy.
Give 6 lovely Loungers the opportunity to join us for the ultimate HQ experience with our Lounge Team, helping us to design an upcoming collection, meeting the team and our industry-innovating designers, and talking about all things Comfort Made Sexy: fit, shape, sizes and sooo much more.

Wait, what!

Let me just read point 3 again…

(**Stops for a moment, takes a deep breath, scans point 3 one more time, and sits in shock!)

Yes, that’s right!

YOU, could be in with the chance to visit our Lounge HQ for one whole day, for the ultimate Lounge experience!

You and 5 other women chosen from our Female Family will be here with us, talking, feeding back, helping us design a new collection. It’s a time to simply just experience an unbelievable day of lounging!

How!? We hear you ask…

Well - all you need to do is keep connected with @loungeunderwear on Instagram, see our incredible campaign go live, and start thinking about what you love most about your boobs and your body… (**Hmmm…)

TOMORROW - our competition post will commence, and you’ll be in with your chance.

See you there!? - Of course we will.

And don’t forget - start telling yourself all the things you love about your boobs, and your body!

It’s important, and the only way you’re in with a chance to come and spend the day with us...