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#MyBoobsMyBody | I Love My Boobs Because...

Lounge Underwear #MyBoobsMyBody


Yes that’s right, we just said boobs!

Breasts, nipples, cups, the things on your chests that sometimes draw unwanted attention, and that also wear - so beautifully - our Blossom Balcony Bra.

**looks down with a childish grin...

Blossom Balcony Bra

Yep, they’re the ones.

They’re pretty damn great aren’t they?

So… what do you love about them?

We don’t care in slightest what size they are, what shape they are, whether they have stretch marks, lumps, bumps or anything else unique and extraordinary.

Your boobs are yours, and only yours, and there has to be at least one thing that you love about them…

This week (and pretty much all weeks to be honest) we’re shouting loud and doing our all to remind you that you should absolutely LOVE YOUR BOOBS... Lots and lots (and lots more!)

Not sure where to start!?

Keep reading…

We spent the day with 7 beyond incredible women.

They stripped back to their undies, danced around in their pants all day and talked with us around all the things that they love about their boobs and their bodies.


We realise that all sounded wayyy too easy!

Let’s rewind…

The girls arrived, nervous and secretly panicking about getting their kit off. As much as they came well prepared, for some of the girls, standing in their underwear in front of a bunch of other women was one hell of a big deal, naturally.

But let us just tell you, every single one of them left the day on an absolute high, not realising how much confidence and happiness a day spent with some incredible people would bring them, proud of what they’d shared, and excited for International Women’s Day to fly around the corner, so they could show off what we’d captured.

We talked about boobs of all kinds. Big boobs and big personalities, small boobs and loving every little bit of them, boobs with scars that had learnt to be loved... knowing your boobs, checking your boobs, just basically LOVING YOUR BOOBS.

So, what is it that you love about your boobs!?

Comment below and tell us…

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Still don’t have one thing you love!?

Don’t worry, it’ll come. Stick with us.

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Click it, watch it, and let it leave you thinking and learning to love…