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New Year, Same Me… Just New Underwear

So the first month of year is almost over - how time flies when you’re having fun.

For many, a new year starts with a resolution. A promise to make a change, to make a fresh start and to join everyone else in divulging in that old and sorry saying… new year, new me!
Well in our opinion girls, we scrap the ‘new me’ nonsense and remember how fabulous we already are. Let’s celebrate all that we did and all that we became in the years before us and continue the journey with confidence.
Let’s adopt a new saying...

New Year, Same Me!

After all, no-one does you like you do.
Rather than wasting time worrying about cutting down on carbs or spending more time in the gym, we truly believe that one of the best things you can do this year, is to promise to find more time to take a moment away from the madness and lounge. That much needed time to relax, wind down and take a little bit of me time in what we’re sure will be an exciting and fun-filled year ahead.
Let’s not forget that every single day - 365 days of the year - we put on a fresh pair of undies to see us through the days in comfort. No-one gives you as many warm and cosy hugs as your underwear does, so let’s make sure you’re truly in love with it and feel comfortable and confident in your day to day... so even when you're in the madness - you're still finding time to lounge.
Lounging the year away with us has never felt so good, and this year is definitely going to give you more and more opportunities to do it in style. While our all time favourite Triangle Sets are the perfect every day cotton comfort, the Balcony is sure to cup your boobs with love and support too. Our Apparel Collection is ever growing, and current pieces such as the best selling Mesh, are being evolved to bring even more comfort to your underwear drawer.
This year sees us launch new products every single month. The designs we've been working away on will truly treat you, and the rest of our female family, to new and innovative styles. Trust us, these styles are only going to help you in achieving your lounge goals this year!
So while you’re doing you, making this year another best, be prepared for fresh and snuggly undies that you simply wont be able to say no to.

Wishing you a fabulous year from all of us here at Lounge girls.

As always, keep feeding back your opinions, all of your wants and needs from Lounge and things you feel we could be bringing you more of, as while we continue on our journey your opinions matter more and more.

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