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Our Favourite Social Posts with Danielle

Lounge Underwear Our Favourite Social Posts with Danielle

Hands up if you spend a scary amount of your free time scrolling on social media.  

Guilty 🙋‍♀️. 

So does our Social Media Manager, Danielle and boy are we glad she does! With over 3 million followers on Instagram alone, we’re so proud of the community she’s played a huge part in creating here at Lounge. 

From memes to major campaign content, Dani’s done it all (staying up to date with the latest trends takes some serious hard work, you know!). 

Discover which posts made it to her fave five and why 



“THIS is why we do what we do, and we won’t stop. FYB has always been important to Lounge but now we’re really focusing on centralising this as a main objective for us - and this post marks the start of #FeelYourBreast2022 and it’s bigger than ever before.” 



“I LOVE this post for its real beauty and how it just resonated so well with our community. Instagram as a channel is so polished and edited - for many, it acts as a highlight reel but showing that REAL side has huge benefits for women. Specifically, the ownership and relationship with their bodies and confidence. If we can share one post that plays to that cause, then we’ve done our job right!” 

 3. AND I OOP...  


"We’ll just leave this one here.. 🤭" 



“I love posts that highlight important messages from our Female Family.  For me, there’s so much strength in just being HUMAN - being vulnerable and compassionate. Let that be your power! We don’t have to be one thing or the other, we have so many different facets as women.” 


“Last but not least *drum roll please* 

... Okay, so I can’t disclose this one just yet as it hasn’t actually been posted. You’ll have to wait and see I’m afraid but trust me, it’s HUGE.  
Hint: 08.03.22 - see you there” 

There you have it! From Feel Your Breast to our Female Family, these posts reflect just a fraction of Dani’s work here at Lounge and as you’ve probably guessed, the day in the life of a Social Media Manager really does differ everyday - but she’s got the skills to ensure Lounge slay on socials, always.  

Go on, give us a follow (if you don’t already 😉).