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Party like it's... National Underwear Day!

Aug 05, 2018

For the love of pants, it's National Underwear Day!

Today's the day to celebrate all things comfortable with Lounge underwear. A whole day solely dedicated to hanging around in your pants, feeling good and enjoying every minute! You know that feeling of reaching into your underwear drawer and finding those ultimate favourite pants, lazying about all day and filling your day with food and films! We're all about that! 

You know by now we're all about loving how you feel in your undies and lingerie, and there's no day better than today to remind you that treating yourself to a fresh pair of matching comforts is definitely a good idea.

As if by magic, today landed on the most chilled day of the week - Sunday! So what better way to wind down than to running the bath, grabbing your favourite read and slipping into your comfortable (but super sexy) Lounge Collection.

We have some incredible new designs launching over the next couple of months and cannot WAIT to share these with you, but in the meantime let us cheers to our Lounge success' so far this year!

Lounge underwear | National Underwear Day

In celebration of this seriously epic day...

... You just went and read yourself all the way to 10% off your next order with our National Underwear Day celebratory code: UNDIES.

See, that's how much we love you!

The success behind every outfit is, well of course, your undies. Starting the day the right way with a matching cute combo will add that extra spring to your step and ultimate confidence boost that we all need in our day to day lives. 

So let's get those matching underwear sets spot on. After all, underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night.

Happy National Underwear Day ladies! #femalefamily


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