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Sugar, Spice and All Things Nice: It’s Time We Regained our Femininity, Ladies!

Aug 07, 2020 · 3 min read

Ladies, let’s be honest, being a woman is hard. We know. 

If we’re not stumbling our way down the street in six inch heels, we’re scrambling for the right outfit to wear or the right shade of lipstick, but being a woman is more than just aesthetics. Trying to keep up with the stereotypes and pressures of the world we live in is quite frankly exhausting. 

(And believe us, we love everything about you, no matter your quirks!)

Sadly, we’re consumed within a society which aims to shape and mould women into the typical substandard of what a ‘woman’ should look or act like. Being feminine is more than just a woman’s physical appearance. We’re more than just child-bearers, cooks, cleaners or the make-up on our faces. We are women and we deserve to be treated as such. We are powerful, beautiful and worthy.

At Lounge, we love female empowerment, we’re challenging female stereotypes and we’re taking a stand. Women no longer need to wear tight, uncomfortable underwear to feel beautiful, that’s why our collections are uniquely designed with comfort in mind. From our statement Triangle Collection to our Wire Free Sets, who says beauty requires pain? Gone are the traditional wired bras, ladies! We mean business which means out with the old and in with the new. 

We want our Female Family to feel beautiful in our collections, but we also believe in comfort (after all, we are Comfort Made Sexy). We believe in diversity and we believe in different types of femininity. That’s what makes us different. See how you can own your femininity below:


Don’t Let Social Media Cloud your Vision of What 
it Means to 'Be Feminine'


Female models posing in black lingerie


We all know that social media can be a very toxic place, especially as a woman. If we’re not being presented with the latest dietary plans or flat tummy teas, we’re seeing the latest lip filler trend or tutorials on how to imitate faux freckles.

Ladies, be yourself! Put that phone away and instead of highlighting all the things that could be different about yourself, embrace all the things that you love about yourself instead. Being feminine does not automatically mean that you need to adhere to the latest social trend or look a certain way. Diversity is where it’s at and we’re here for it.


Female empowerment means embracing your flaws! 


Woman lying down in black lingerie

Don’t worry about that pimple on your cheek or the few pounds you’ve gained over lockdown (the snack cupboard has been abused over the last few months, we know). We are women. We’re not perfect and we’re all inherently different… and that makes us beautiful. Embracing your femininity also means embracing your flaws and empowering other women to do the same! 


Embrace your Femininity and Make a Stand in the Workplace


Female models standing together in lingerie

 In a recent study conducted by Reliable Plant, it was found that women say that they have to work much harder than men in the workplace. Ladies, trust us - you’ve got this! Go and land that dream job, win that promotion or land that dreeeam client! You are more than capable. At Lounge, we constantly push for female empowerment regardless of age, size, ethnicity or social background both amongst our Loungers here at Lounge HQ and across our wider Female Family. Never let anybody dim that fabulous glow!


So, remember ladies... you are fabulous. You are incredible. You are worthy. Never forget that!

We love you, Loungers.


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