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The Launch of Lounge Intimates

Comfort Made Sexy - er! Say hello to the latest loungerie range... We're treating you to a beautiful new range of 6 intricate black lace pieces. We've launched the range with one statement full body piece, 5 three-pieces sets and 1 adorable two-piece set. Let's see if you can choose just one girl crush, or if you just have to cheat on one love with another.... Press play and fall in love. Press pause on your favourite set, and find her below! The Lounge Intimates Collection! Lounge Intimates is our latest addition to the Lounge brand. The Intimates range is all about adding an extra touch of sass to your Lounge collection - with gorgeous pretty lace details and high waisted belts and thongs....

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Lounge underwear | Getting to know Emma-Emelia Mouat

Getting to know Emma-Emelia Mouat @emmaaemeliamouatxo We've got a bit of a Lounge Crush on this girl! Admitted. We've spent a little time with Swimwear and Fashion Blogger Emma-Emelia Mouat and opened up the doors to give you an insight into her life as a blogger, her exercise regime and the secrets to how she keeps her hair so luscious and long. We've been working with Emma for some time now, and it has to be said she is a real beauty. She's featured in pretty much all of the Lounge underwear styles currently in our range, and she shows them all off in style. So here's your chance to get to see her shots again and get to know...

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Lounge underwear | Getting to know Eva Catherine

It's time for a little get to know... So, here at Lounge you know we like to welcome you into a little world to meet one of your favourite bloggers. It's like a "behind the scenes" at a cool gig, but instead an inside the life of a fashionista. And this time, we've had a quick chat with the gorgeous @evaacatherine, our beautiful indie-gypsie blogger, with heaps of hippie style and class.   Inside the life of @evaacatherine Tell us 3 facts about to you that your followers might be surprised to know... - I went to a private High School with 40 kids - I have a 2016 mustanf - I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years If your friends had...

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Lounge underwear | Getting to Know Bell Williams

Bell Williams, one of our beautiful bloggers is brought to life for you today, with some things maybe you didn't know about her...  Getting to know: @bell_williams   We have worked and collaborated with Annabelle for some time now and have a secret to tell you, she's the bomb! Or i guess you already knew that!? But just incase you didn't, trust us, you definitely need to go and check out her instagram page as she's pretty dreamy. We're treating you to a little getting to know sesh after a quick chat we had with her... Tell us 3 facts about to you your followers might be surprised to know... - Alongside my Law Degree, I love musical theatre. I...

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Why Wear Lounge Lace? | Lounge underwear

A Life Lounging in Lace... First, we bought you a beautiful Cotton - Jersey blend of comfortable goodness.. a set of underwear that was sure to set your lounging nights off to a great start. And then we sat back and thought... Let's give our Lounge Ladies something a little more delicate, something that screams sex appeal with the comfort they all know and love... So we bought you Lounge Lace... This little beauty is only one week old, but boy - are you loving it. & here's why... Lounge Lace brings Lounge underwear into the world of intimate moments. Giving you something that feels comfortable to wear and allowing you to flaunt your thing with the confidence you need. The...

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