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The Day of Friendship | Lounge HQ friendships and why they're SO amazing!

Jul 30, 2020

Friendships can quite literally make a life.

If, like us Loungers, you’re a big F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan… you’ll know how their friendships really were everything to them - and honestly, it’s the same for us here at Lounge.

Our work wives are our lives! Plain and simple.

We couldn't work our butts off, laugh hard and loud, or drink endless cups of tea without them by our side. Even if they are a coffee drinker.

Every Rachel needs a Monica and Phoebe… and a Joey, Chandler and Ross too (we do have guys that work here too, believe it or not!?)

So, in aid of the International Day of Friendship, *that’s today by the way*... we took some time to sit down with a bunch of our team and asked them to open up about the friendships they’ve formed here at Lounge HQ… to remind them, and all of us, that our friends really are one of the best, most fun, loving and adoring humans in our lives. 

They’re our Female Family. (Our Lounge Family, with the males amongst us included!)

Here’s what some of our lovely Loungers had to say:

“I moved away from home, so I had no friends around me at all, so to have made such a strong bond with so many beautiful women at work has literally saved me and helped me appreciate the little things in life. The office is built on smiles and laughter and I absolutely love that these friendships are also taken outside of the office. Friends for life are made there!” - Caris, Aus Influencer Manager

“Even though I started just before lockdown, I’ve been made to feel so welcome, never short of support and someone to talk to whilst WFH. Since coming back into the office, my days have been filled with laughter, tea and hard work. I class my colleagues as friends and I can honestly say that I look forward to coming into the office each and every day!” - Steavie, Creative Designer

“Having colleagues that become your friends is something crazy special. It means consistent days of laughter, storytelling, and a whole lot of support... work just becomes your second family and there's a lot of love there.” - Meg, EU Influencer Manager

"Having a laugh with your mates at work just makes your day a joy and when you win every pool game (like I usually do) it’s the icing on the cake." - Ed, Video and Motion Designer

“It’s great working with a bunch of like minded people, a lot of laughs throughout the day makes all the difference! Even if Ed does pretend he wins the odd game of pool.” - Jack, Ops Director.

“For me friends at work are more than friends, they are more like my work wives, because they are the friends that are always there for you everyday, you spend the most time with them than anyone else! Having friends at work not only makes me more productive but it generally makes me feel happy, and excited to come to work (Even more than I already do, and who knew that was possible!)” - Georgia, Recruitment and Staff Happiness

“I saw a quote once that said "work friends are a special breed of friends" and I couldn't agree with it more. Not only do we share the same passion, drive and love for our work, but we also support each other as if there is no end. I think you know you have made some of the best friends at work when you spend 38+ hours a week with them Monday to Friday and you still want to see them on the weekends!” - Niamh, UK Influencer Manager

“Work friendships to me mean there's always somewhere to go to for support and guidance no matter the dilemma!” - Ellie, Customer Experience Executive

“One of my fave things about working at Lounge is working with such a lovely team! With my circle of friends and family living so far away overseas, I feel so blessed that I have met my Lounge girlies who have now become my genuine friends inside and outside of work!” - Wahiba, US Influencer Manager

“One thing lockdown has shown me is how much you take your work friends for granted. I loved coming in on a Monday and hearing how my teams weekend's had been & all the stories shared - the array of different personalities within the work environment that compliment each other so well is something I can't wait to experience again when we are all back in office. My colleagues saw me near enough everyday, rain, wind or shine & over the years i have been at Lounge they have felt the highs with me & helped me through the lows. Whether that was with an extra tea and biscuit, a treat for lunch or stealing a quick word and gentle hug when passing in the corridor - i know they just know me.”, Maddie - Head of Influencer Marketing

Arhhh! We don’t half love our Loungers, and all of you!

Happy International Day of Friendship girls!

Time to pick up the phone and get all mushy with your breastie.


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