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The Launch of Lounge Apparel's Winter Warmers

Nov 04, 2017


It's been a week full of Lounge launches here at Lounge... As winter gets darker and colder and Christmas gets closer and closer, we wanted to treat our Lounge ladies to some extra special new pieces to keep you looking and feeling sexy, but also to keep you feeling warm and comfy all winter long. Because we love you.

So, the start of this week brought the launch of the beautiful new Lounge underwear Collection - the Balcony. An absolute showstopper for sexy nights in in Satin... Elegant pieces designed to make you feel a million dollars whilst still embracing bucket loads of that famous #comfortmadesexy we always love to bring our girls here at Lounge.

And then, we just couldn't keep our next Lounge launch a secret for one minute longer... So yesterday we launched the gorgeous new Lounge Apparel Collection - a range built to take our loungewear to a whole new level of AMAZING!

So, let's walk you through what this collection has to offer, and what new pieces you need to be adding to your Christmas list this year. Santa's going to be a very busy man!

Lounge Apparel | Joggers | Jumpers | Hoodys | Shorts | Loungewear

The launch of two killer colours... will it be Sand or Moss!?

When launching this collection, we wanted to bring you two colours that really embraced the feeling of that Autumn Winter mood. And for us, it just had to be a combination of a mossy green shade with our khaki colour palette, and a soft sand shade with our nude colour palette. We just knew that together, these two colours would be the perfect start to this collection. And in case you're already wondering... yes - we will be introducing some new colours next year too! Excited much!?

Lounge Apparel | Joggers | Jumpers | Hoodys | Shorts | Loungewear

Separate pieces designed to mix and match...

With this collection launch, it was important for us to take a step in a slightly different direction and begin offering you guys individual pieces, rather than always choosing a matching set. 

We know sometimes mixing and matching can offer our girls more choice to create different combinations, and the chance to build your own style with Lounge. We've been having some feedback that you might like to buy individual pieces from us and we've been listening (as it's you guys we care about) so this collection is the start of that trend with Lounge.

You can choose just a Moss Hoody to relax in, or maybe you want a Moss Hoody to match with some Moss Joggers... or even switch up the colours and match your Moss Hoody with some Sand Shorts... the world is your oyster girl. The colours look gorgeous as a matching tracksuit or a mix and match look, so it's completely up to you. You can build out your collection to pick and choose from lots of different looks depending on the weather, and what mood you're in.

Lounge Apparel | Joggers | Jumpers | Hoodys | Shorts | Loungewear

The Tops...

So we have three different tops to choose from:

First up is the Cropped Hoody. The Lounge branded hoody is designed in a soft and cosy fabric to lounge around the house in, or leave the house in style.  

Then the Round Neck Jumper. Our jumper is a full length cut, easy to wear and perfect to pair with our Lounge Apparel joggers or shorts for a full matching Lounge tracksuit set.

And lastly, the Cropped T-shirt. Our t-shirt is a cropped length with Lounge rubber branding featured across the front. Super cute with high waisted jeans, or of course... to match up with our joggers or shorts.

Lounge Apparel | Joggers | Jumpers | Hoodys | Shorts | Loungewear

The Bottoms...

And then we have two different bottoms to choose from so far... 

The Fitter Joggers. Our Lounge Apparel slim fit joggers are the ultimate relaxing and comfortable loungewear. They're designed to feel snug but comfy, with the peak-out Lounge banner to make a brand statement.

Then the High Waisted Shorts. Our shorts are designed to be super comfortable, easy to wear and so stylish with Lounge branded banner featured down the sides of the shorts.

Lounge Apparel | Joggers | Jumpers | Hoodys | Shorts | Loungewear

A collection made up of must-haves!

So there we have it. A collection launched to warm you up, keep you looking sexy and make sure you enjoy your cosy nights in in style all winter long.

What will you be adding to your Christmas list? And what pieces do you just need right away? It's a toughy! Our team will be happy to assist and help you pick sizes or colours that are best for you and your style. Just jump on the live chat or pop us an email. Enjoy lounging girls!



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