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The Launch of Lounge Intimates

Comfort Made Sexy - er!

Lounge Intimates | Lace underwear | Lace lingerie

Say hello to the latest loungerie range...

We're treating you to a beautiful new range of 6 intricate black lace pieces. We've launched the range with one statement full body piece, 5 three-pieces sets and 1 adorable two-piece set.

Let's see if you can choose just one girl crush, or if you just have to cheat on one love with another....

Press play and fall in love.

Press pause on your favourite set, and find her below!

The Lounge Intimates Collection!

Lounge Intimates is our latest addition to the Lounge brand. The Intimates range is all about adding an extra touch of sass to your Lounge collection - with gorgeous pretty lace details and high waisted belts and thongs. We still want to bring you the comfort you love, but with an extra splash of sexy!

The face of the Lounge Intimates brand is beautiful Belle - you don't get more elegant and classy than this lady.

Let us introduce you to each of the beautiful sets and find out who your girl crush will be...

Does  D a n i e l a  do it for you?

 Lounge Intimates | Lace lingerie

Maybe  M a d e l i n e  takes your fancy?

Lounge Intimates | Lace lingerie

Is  I s a b e l l a  your favourite?

Lounge Intimates | Lace lingerie

Fall in love with  S o p h i a ...

Lounge Intimates | Lace lingerie

Get flirty with F e l i c i t y

Lounge Intimates | Lace lingerie

Or maybe you've got a crush on  A m e l i a ?

Lounge Intimates | Lace lingerie

Shop the range, and find your girls crush now >


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