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The Ultimate Guide to Our Balcony Collection

Apr 14, 2021 · 5 min read
Want to get to know your cups a little bit better?

Don’t worry, girls, we’ve got you covered. There are handfuls, and we mean handfuls, of bra styles out there and sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish between them all.

We’re here to show you what’s what with our ultimate guide to one of our most popular and sought after Lounge styles out there: our Balcony Collection. If you need a new bra, or even a new set, this is definitely a Female Family favourite. Now it’s time to find out why…

What is our Balcony Collection?

Our Balcony Collection is one of our bestselling collections here at Lounge, and to be honest, we can totally see why. This collection has all the pretty details you could possibly need. It’s all about balancing that classic style with modern designs and gorgeous colours!

Our Balcony Collection is so diverse, offering traditional bra shapes to flattering plunges, two tone laces to soft mesh - all with an additional matching pair of thongs or briefs. It’s the perfect set to pop on under any outfit, and feel ready to take on the world!

Discover Our Most Loved Balcony Styles

Okay, so you’ve got your eyes on our Balcony Collection. The question now is, which style is the one for you? Whether you’re after something that screams luxe or want something a little bit more charming, we’re giving you the low-down on our top Balcony styles so you can update your underwear drawer, Lounge style. Shopping baskets at the ready.

Fall for Pretty Lace

Our classic Balcony style is a Lounge look you’re destined to fall in love with. A soft, feminine lace with Lounge branded banners comes with a supportive, underwired fit for a comfy, everyday style. This was our second ever underwear design and it’s still a winner to this day! Refresh your underwear drawer with this classic Lounge style, complete with a matching thong.


Blossom and Bloom

Are you ready to blossom and bloom? Your underwear drawer will definitely thank you for this one.

Our Blossom Balcony makes everyday Lounging a treat with a delicate floral lace in our super recognisable and bold colours. Pretty panelling adds to the delicacy of this set with Lounge branded banners and a matching thong. It truly is bloomin’ beautiful.

Lounge in Soft Silks

Our Silk Balcony takes our classic Balcony style to a whole new level with a supportive, underwired bra and gorgeous soft silks combined with a delicate lace. Lounge branded banners and embossed straps makes this set the ultimate signature style with a flattering, hip-hugging thong. Soft, silky, sumptuous, what more could you want?

Feel Magic in Mesh

It’s time to bring a little bit of magic into your underwear drawer, girls. If your everyday undies are looking a little bit tired, our Mesh Balcony is here to save the day. Bare that little bit more with stunning mesh fabrics, bold Lounge repeated logos and a super comfortable fit. This is the barely there feel you never knew you needed.

Simply Charming

Add a little bit of charm to your everyday favourites with our Charmed Balcony. This set is simply charming with a geometric stretch lace and a gorgeous, scalloped edging on the bra and thong. Cut out details on the bra wings adds to the charm of this set with dainty, Lounge engraved rings for an extra elegant feel.

Lounge in Luxe

Our Luxe Balcony is designed with a beautiful, two-tone lace with intricate details that are simply irresistible. High apex lines and its renown plunging shape makes this set a standout in our Balcony Collection. Seriously, this one’s a huge confidence booster. Get ready to strut your stuff in this set!

How should a balcony bra fit?

There’s a few telltale signs that will let you know if your balcony bra doesn’t fit that great. For example, the underband should be flat against your chest but not uncomfortable or digging in, your straps should sit comfortably against your shoulders and your boobs should be fully cupped. That means no sideboob or underboob and the cup wires should lay flat against your sternum in the middle. But most of all, it should give you that ultimate Comfort Made Sexy feeling!

You can check out our quick guide here which gives some more information on how a bra should fit.

Are balcony bras push up?

At Lounge, our balcony bras aren’t exactly ‘push up’, but we promise they’ll make your breasties look and feel great! This collection is made to accentuate your best assets whilst giving you the perfect lift and all the support you need. For a rounder shape and to show off that classy cleavage, our Luxe Balcony is perfect. Or for that little extra lift, our Blossom Balcony will do the job, no problem!

What can you wear with a balcony bra?

Not only are our balcony bras beautiful, comfy and perfect for everyday wear - you can literally wear them with anything! Our Balcony Sets have less coverage than some of our fuller cup styles, so they’re always a good match with low-cut tops, dresses and equally with high necklines. This bra is truly versatile and will have you Lounging in confidence, all whilst feeling amazing. We've got endless Balcony styles to make you look and feel amazing.

Psst...you can even wear one of our balcony bras with a classic underwear as 
outerwear look.


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