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Things are hotting up with Lounge underwear

Feeling hot hot HOT in UK!

Look outside your window right now ... how beautiful! The sun in shining, the sky is clear and the air is... granted a little sweaty and muggy & the UK is set to go into meltdown any second now... but it's beautifully hot and if you close your eyes and dip your toes in the bath you can pretend your lying on the beach in the Maldives.

Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Black Bra | Black Bralet

Things are definitely hotting up (even though we know the sky is going to take it away as quickly as it gave it) let's pretend it's going to last until Christmas!

On hot days like these it becomes even more important to be wearing the right underwear that isn't going to make you feeling uncomfortable in the heat all day long. Some of our gorgeous bloggers love to lounge around in the sunshine in their Lounge underwear. We don't claim to be a bikini - don't go jumping into the pool - but the design is absolutely built for comfort and support when and where you need it.

Lounge underwear | Black underwear | Black Bra | Loungewear Lounge underwear | Grey underwear | Grey Bra | Loungewear

Lounge underwear is designed with a cotton blend which is perfect for a hot and sticky day, keeping you fresh and comfortable. The under bust band on the bra works in a similar way to underwire in a traditional cupped bra, but without the hard and sometimes irritating feeling, especially as the weather gets warmer.

There is nothing worse than looking great in your outfit for that big summer party, picnic in the sun or much looked forward to BBQ... but underneath your pretty floral dress is a pair of itchy and scratchy underwear that is irritating your skin and ruining your day. You need comfort made sexy with Lounge underwear.

Lounge underwear | Grey underwear | Grey Bra | Grey Bralet 

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