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Knicker Styles: Everything You Need to Know about Thongs vs. Briefs

Feb 16, 2021 · 3 min read

Do you know your thongs from your briefs, girls?

Trust us, you don’t want to be getting your knickers in a twist. Plus, it’s essential that you choose the right underwear that’s going to provide you with bundles of comfort and accentuate that gorgeous silhouette of yours.

With so many different styles of knickers to choose from, we agree that the selection process can be a little overwhelming. From strap-like details to something with a bit more coverage, there are many types of knickers to suit every shape. So, as always, we’re here to settle the debate between thongs and briefs so you can ramp up your knicker drawer, Lounge style.

Different styles of knickers

Knicker Styles: The Difference Between Thongs and Briefs

It's time to get clued up on your best underwear garms, girls. If the whole thong vs. brief debate has you feeling a little bit indecisive, we're here to show you what's what. From full cheek coverage to something barely there, we've got you.


Different types of knickers

What is a thong?

A thong is a garment worn traditionally as underwear or swimwear. A typical thong is usually made up of a larger front and a smaller triangle back, connected by a band. Thongs also have little to no cheek coverage.

How to wear a Thong comfortably

We’ve all heard horror stories about how uncomfortable thongs can be, but the truth is, girls, they’re totally comfortable if you get the perfect fit.

Yes, they go up your butt (there’s no nicer way of saying it). However, rest assured that our Lounge thongs are made of super soft materials, so you’ll barely know they’re there. Make sure they’re sitting nicely on your hips or waist with just enough room for movement. 

Also ensure that the gusset is comfortably covering your lady bits. We recommend having a little boogie to make sure everything is feeling just right, then you’re good to go!

There are multiple types of thongs, from traditional shapes to g-strings which are a little skimpier. If you’re all about daring to bare, this is the style for you! Oh, and make sure you’re not wearing anything itchy on your bottom half. Your exposed cheeks won’t love you for that...


What is a thong


What are briefs? 

Briefs are a reliable, gorgeous fit for easy, everyday wear and sit comfortably across your hips and waist. As opposed to thongs, briefs take on a fuller style with more coverage. 

Some women prefer to wear briefs as they naturally feel more comfortable being a little more covered up. Plus, briefs offer you that extra bit of security (especially at that time of the month) but they can be just as stylish!

How to wear briefs comfortably

If you like to cover it up as opposed to baring it all, briefs might just be up your street. Plus, there’s loads of different styles if you wanted to go for something that still has that sexy touch. 

Take cheeky briefs for example: they’re like the middleman, offering just the right amount of coverage whilst showing off those curves with a cut that flaunts your cheeks perfectly.

If you want to wear briefs comfortably, here’s a quick heads up: make sure your briefs aren’t too tight and cutting into your bum. No one wants an accentuated VPL or four-cheeks, right?

What are briefs

So, there you have it, ladies. By now, you should be totally clued up on the main knicker styles so you can be feeling yourself, in and out of clothes. Our collection of Bottoms has everything you need in the thongs and briefs department to suit every mood, style and occasion. We’ve got you covered, literally.

From elegant lace, cut out details to something more daring in mesh. Which type of underwear will you go for?

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