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Three Signs Your Underwear Drawer Needs Updating

Jan 09, 2020 · 2 min read

Ok ladies, it’s time to talk underwear.

Well, that’s nothing new.

Specifically, updating your underwear drawer.

We believe there are three signs you need new bras and panties in your life, and honestly, if just one resonates with you - it’s time!

You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Actually Purchased New Underwear…

*Disclaimer: receiving them three Christmas’ ago does not count… sorry.*

If you cannot remember the last time you physically purchased your own underwear (online or in real life), then it’s time to shop! You know what you like, and becoming reliant on those birthday present pants is not acceptable.

Sorry girls, we’re putting our foot down!

It’s time to find something you love, and we’re certain you’ll find it at Lounge. We’re all about that comfort made sexy - and what more could you want from something you wear every single day?

So, we suggest a little underwear drawer clear out. If there’s something in there you’re not 100% feeling - it’s time to get rid! And if you’re not feeling any of it? Well, we’re here to help…

Your Underwear Is Looking A Little Tired…

Ok, we all have our favourite pair of pants. You know, the ones you can’t help but wear when you’re feeling a little low and in need of major comfort.

However, if most of your pants are looking a little lacklustre, it’s probably time to say goodbye (you’re allowed to keep those comfy favourites though, don’t worry).

If you can’t quite remember what the colour was meant to be (due to a few too many washes), then it’s probably time to say goodbye…

And if there is ANY kind of hole in them, well, you know the drill…

It Doesn’t Feel 100% Comfortable…

Throughout the years, our bodies will change.

You may gain weight, lose weight, gain it back, lose it again - it’s just one of those things!

If you’re putting a pair of pants on and immediately taking them off, it’s really not meant to be, and it’s officially time to find the underwear you love.

The same goes for bra’s! You wouldn’t continue to wear the same pair of jeans for 10 years, so why would you do the same with your bra!?

Why head to the Fitting Room to ensure you find the perfect size…

So, you officially have three excuses *cough* reasons, to purchase an entirely new underwear drawer.

Check out our Bottoms here to find your new faves…


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