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Welcome 2017!! Here's 17 Reasons You Should Lounge This Year!

Jan 06, 2017

Hurrah! The doors have opened to 2017... And Boy, is it going to be a good one with Lounge!

Whilst we welcome the New Year, we all tend to make New Year's Resolutions, some achievable, some not so...

Getting in shape, taking on new hobbies - maybe Yoga or a little Pilates... We promise ourselves no more chocolate and much more green tea. And spending more time with those we love, rather than being up to our ears full of stress at work. Sounding familiar!?

All of these are definitely good ones of course, but here at Lounge we have just one that is an essential for this year. And trust us, it's going to bring you bucket loads of sassy comfort - something every girl needs this year.

So, here are 17 reasons you should choose to lounge with Lounge this year!

1. Lounging around doesn't have to mean you're being lazy - it's a great way to soothe the mind and the body.

2. We may like to Lounge, but we also like hitting the gym and giving it all we've got! But it's so important that after all that training, we have something cosy to slip into after a hot shower and relax in comfort.

3. When you're comfortable your brain turns to mush, and you can fade into a far away land. The farthest your brain will ponder is which flavour of Doritos is your favourite as you watch reruns of you're favourite boxset on Netflix. Perfection.

4. When you give yourself time to relax and lounge around before hitting the pillow, you'll find you sleep like a baby. Zzzzzz... Pure bliss!

5. Even science tells us that a little lounging around is good for us. It gives us time to reflect on all the great things we have, and appreciate what life is. Your mind will thank you.

6. We all need a nap from time to time, maybe just a quick one on a Sunday afternoon... Grabbing your favourite Lounge set and snuggling up makes for one damn good nap!

7. It's an excuse to get the girls over, lounge together, watch a good film and laugh about old times.

8. Relax, lounge on your sofa and watch some old school documentaries. A great reason to lounge around for day ... you're gaining valuable Trivia knowledge! Boom

9. It's thrifty. Especially at the start of the year, January can leave you with unwanted empty pockets. Lounging costs nothing and feels so good.

10. Taking time out to relax boosts creativity and passion. Maybe have a little meditate in your lounge, in Lounge underwear... you never know what you might unlock...

11. Lounging has a must have partner - food. Grab a snack, and feed your tum something goood. We all love that, and boy do we deserve it after a long day! Whether it be a super healthy superfood protein bar, or maybe just a couple of chocolate biscuits ;) You're onto a winner.

12. Take the time out to make plans for 2017. Get a pad and paper, get comfy and relaxed, and map out what your year is going to look like. Book holidays, plan parties and birthday presents - the best way to organise and feel good doing it.

13. It's a stressful old world isn't it! Taking a break from it and lounging in a little comfort made sexy is bound to lower your stress levels!

14. Are you a busy bunny? Do you find people close are telling you to chill? Taking time out to have a little lounge around will give you time to unwind and will absolutely improve your mood.

15. Unfortunately as women, we're expected to multitask - all the time, right!? Close the door, grab a fluffy blanket and just do one thing for one whole hour - Lounge. You deserve it.

16. Most of us caught that dreaded cold over Christmas... most of us have probably still got the damn thing. Relaxing and taking a little down time is proven to help prevent getting a cold. What a bonus!

17. And lastly, one of the big reasons that women lose that lovin’ feeling is stress and doing too much. It's time to take a step out of your crazy world...  Do some much needed lounging and make a little time for you and your other half. & not forgetting, you'll be irresistible in a little bit of Lounge.

So there you have it...

2017 brings you Lounge's 17 reasons why this year is the one for lounging. Shop your favourite styles and find time to treat yourself to doing... well, nothing. Nothing but lounging anyway.


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