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What To Do While Your Boyfriend Watches The Football? | Shop Lounge

Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Black Bra

There is only one way to survive the Euros ... online shopping.

While he sits staring at his one and only love on the television... football - it's your time to kick back, get your laptop out, and a large glass of wine (of course) and shop a little bit of Lounge Underwear.

There is only one way to take your other halves mind off the football. Yes... that!

You need to get all sexy!

You need to make yourself absolutely irresistible.

While his focus is taken by the tv, take some time to pick your favourite Lounge underwear colour. You might go with the classic and sexy Black Bra, or maybe you've got a beautiful golden tan and prefer the White Bra. Not forgetting the grey, the classic lounge look.. or maybe it's our new pretty baby - the gorgeous girly pink. Whatever yours might be - click that little button and have it through your door in time for the next match.

And we want to give you a little treat - shop with code: 


at the checkout for 10% off your Lounge Underwear order.

Trust us, once it arrives, he simply won't be able to get his eyes off you. Football will be all but a forgotten past. Hallelujah! 

Lounge underwear | Black Bra | Black underwear  Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Comfortable underwear

Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Black Bra

Lounge underwear | Comfortable Underwear | Black Bra  Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Black underwear

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