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What to Wear to a Zoom Christmas Party

Dec 07, 2020 · 3 min read

Remember when Zoom wasn’t even a thing? We do too.

Zoom parties are something that a lot of us will probably be participating in for the foreseeable future, so it’s time we started treating it well. We know, we know, we miss doing the Cha Cha slide with our besties too.

If you have a Zoom Christmas party coming up, you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to wear, right? Forget heels and sparkly dresses, our living room carpets don’t deserve to have heel marks in them (and your feet don’t deserve to be in discomfort, not by a mile). A Zoom party should have you Lounging in complete comfort and style, so without further ado, brace yourself for our top Zoom outfits to get you Christmas party ready so you can sleigh away, both onscreen and offscreen.

Cheesy festive backgrounds at the ready!

What to wear to a Zoom Christmas party

For the Comfy Zoomer

Keep it classy and oh-so comfy in our stunning range of Apparel and Knitwear choices, from our Ultra Comfort Chenille Cardigan to our Knitted Hoodie, you won't want to take these luxurious pieces off. Rock these gorgeous must haves whilst you're perked up on the sofa with a glass of wine or Lounging in your bedroom with your Zoom background in full swing. If you want a Zoom outfit that’s comfy, classy and luxurious, these are what you need. It's time to sleigh your Christmas party outfit like never before, girls.

For the Zoomer that Likes to Hit the Sheets Early

Let’s be honest, Zoom parties can be tiring (we know, trying to watch 30 people on your screen all at once is a lottttt), especially when you’re staring at your screen for over an hour and listening to people talk over one another.

If you’re the Zoomer that likes to leave the chat early and hit the sheets, why not invest in some of our Sleepwear? It’s luxurious, soft, silky smooth and your fellow Zoomers will be super jealous. Our Pinstripe Pyjama Shorts and Trousers Set will have you drifting away in no time. Why not add some Socks to your basket too for extra cosiness?

For the Zoomer that Likes to Snack and Lounge

Don’t shy away, girls, Zooming and snacking is always, always acceptable. Wear something cosy so you can snack and Lounge as much as you like whilst Zooming away (see what we did there?) It's also important that you make a statement of course, so w
hy not go for something luxurious and fluffy like our Teddy Hoodie? Or if you're more of a minimalist but like to keep it chic, our Cropped Hoodie is the one for you. Pair any of our Hoodies with our super soft Joggers for the perfect Christmas-party ready look.

For the Zoomer that's Overly Festive

If you're a bit OTT when it comes to Christmas festivities, our Red Crew Neck Jumper is super festive and definitely one to spice up your Zoom outfit this year. A Zoom Christmas party should be full, and we mean full, of all the festive goodness you could possibly imagine (plus, your fellow Zoomers will be super jealous of this super cosy Christmas jumper). It's simply a treat.

Listen, girls, Zooming is no longer about rocking that infamous ‘going out’ outfit. It’s allll about comfort and style - we’re sure your fellow Zoomers will agree!

Get the perfect Zoom outfit that prioritises your comfort above anything else. Besides, we’ll need to be comfortable after all the snacking and Lounging we’ll be doing! Why not explore our full range of Apparel so you can get Christmas party ready, the Lounge way?


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