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Why Wear Lounge Lace?

A Life Lounging in Lace...

First, we bought you a beautiful Cotton - Jersey blend of comfortable goodness.. a set of underwear that was sure to set your lounging nights off to a great start.

And then we sat back and thought... Let's give our Lounge Ladies something a little more delicate, something that screams sex appeal with the comfort they all know and love...

This little beauty is only one week old, but boy - are you loving it.

& Here's Why...

Lounge Lace brings Lounge underwear into the world of intimate moments. Giving you something that feels comfortable to wear and allowing you to flaunt your thing with the confidence you need.

The transparent lace is designed with a mesh lining to act as a means of support and a little extra coverage where you need it - but still giving the underwear that delicate and pretty look.

We all have lace underwear in our drawer that we feel we just have to keep... because one day, we are definitely going to get it out and wear it. But guess what, we never do, because it is the most uncomfortable, itchy scratchy underwear you can think of!

Well now you can throw them out ladies. Lounge Lace offers you that same beautiful and sexy look that we all desire, with so much comfort you won't even believe you're wearing lace. The new delicate, more subtle Lounge banners with our contrasting binding has been designed to make Lounge Lace feel great on, and give you the comfort you need in the places you need it.

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Shop a little lace in White or Black and enjoy some Comfort Made Sexy!