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Women With Confidence Wear Lounge Underwear

Be confident & Flaunt it.

The Lounge motto for the week.

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Right now, it is all about woman with confidence!

Just look around you... Theresa May to be Britain's new Prime minister, Kate Middleton our beautiful Princess, and we all know Beyonce has always run the world. Not forgetting our Queen... enough said!

It's all about women in power making their mark, oozing confidence and flaunting their femininity to us all.

We have recently had our website reshot with the gorgeous Renee Somerfield, a woman that has heaps of confidence and boy - so she should.

So much power comes with a woman with confidence. Of course cutting out any arrogance or vanity... that can look a little ugly at times... But someone that can walk into a room feeling amazing, with her head held high and ambition in her eyes will instantly own the room.

Confidence starts with your underwear.

Here at Lounge Underwear we believe that if you feel sexy and amazing underneath your outfit, if you know just how good you look beneath the covers and could quite happily walk around that room in just your underwear - you are going to glow with confidence all day.

There is something about wearing a matching pair of underwear that you feel great in. Underwear that feels ultra comfortable and folds around your curves in just the right way... there is just something about that that makes a girl feel great. 

More often than not we have no choice but to pick that old thong out of our underwear drawer, the one that we most definitely wouldn't want to admit that we still own... & that bra, (oh no!) that bra that not longer has any shape and definitely isn't the colour it was when you bought it... We're all guilty of it! It is almost a guarantee that when you put them on and look in the mirror your reflection is probably showing a slight frown with a bit of a squint. Your head is probably tilted to one side, tugging at your pants to try desperately to find a way to make them sit comfortably, and budging your bra around your bust to try and bring back the shape... Starting your outfit that way is definitely not going to make you that woman that walks into the room and owns it.

You need a pair of underwear that makes you comfortable, holds you up, tucks you in and makes you feel super sexy. Make yourself one of those women in power.

Start with your underwear and ladies... you'll own the room.

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Model: @reneesomerfield

Photographer: @bonniecee