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Lounge Art that Inspires us this World Art Day

Apr 15, 2021 · 4 min read

Happy World Art Day, Loungers.

By now, you should know that we’re quite the creative bunch and we love nothing more than seeing Lounge brought to life through our Female Family's artwork. Just take a look at what our Loungers got up to last year.

This year, we're celebrating World Art Day with even more Lounge art by showcasing just how creative our Loungers are. Can you imagine a world without art? We can't either.

Read on to find out more.

What is World Art Day?

World Art Day is celebrated every year on April 15th to celebrate fine art and promote creative freedom and awareness worldwide.

World Art Day is all about unleashing creativity, innovation and of course, bundles of diversity which we’re always here for. During times like this, art is what unites us and to be honest, it’s kept a lot of us going through lockdown. Whether you like to get creative with paint or pencils, we love nothing more than connecting with our Female Family worldwide through beautiful pieces of art.

Lounge Art Brought to Life

We’ve got quite a few dedicated Loungers out there and we wanted to use this day to showcase some of the beautiful work our Female Family have poured their hearts and souls into. All of these gorgeous pieces have truly inspired us - they’re absolutely incredible.

Just when we thought our Lounge products couldn’t look any more

We absolutely adore these gorgeous pieces from @Maloba_David and @ZoeAnnGraphics. These illustrations are phenomenal with striking colourways, all the details and of course, they feature our beloved Love Heart Mesh Triangle and classic Triangle design. Are we in love? We definitely think so.

Did someone say Balcony? There's no doubt that our Balcony Collection is an all time Female Family favourite, so be prepared to fall even more in Lounge love with these illustrations. We are living for these intricate pieces from @Amy_Cork and @EMD_DESIGNS who have both portrayed the beauty of womens' bodies in their finest forms with our classic Royal Balcony and Charmed Balcony. We'll take both, please.


The detail in these gorgeous pieces from @SUBTLEILLUSTRATIONSANDDESIGNS and @VALMATHIJSSEN is truly beyond words. Womens' bodies are art and to be honest, we're totally here for it. We love empowering our Female Family.

We definitely need a few lessons from @XKALKIDAN and @INFLUENCER_EDITZ on all things illustration! Just look at the detail in these jaw-dropping pieces. We're in love.

Okay, we definitely need to talk about these pieces. Traditional drawings with pencil is something that requires some serious skill, so @L_SEDD definitely deserves all the credit. And let's not forget about this intricate piece from @JULIETTE.OUTLINES showcasing our beloved Balcony. Pure Lounge gold!

If you ever needed a time to invest in some of our gorgeous Lounge pieces, the time is now! If these stunning pieces from @ANA.STASIA0X and @LUCY_BRIG.ILLUSTRATIONS doesn't tempt you, we don't know what will. Just look at the detail on these beauties.

All bodies are beautiful, and so are these stunning illustrations! @I.ILLUSTRATES_ has done an incredible job of showcasing different body types amongst our Female Family here. These pieces would look incredible as some wall art. We're just saying.

How to Get Involved this World Art Day

Want to unleash some creativity this World Art Day? We’ve put together some easy ways you can get creative in the comfort of your very own Lounge that are simple and don’t require many supplies. Oh, and they’re totally pandemic-approved so you haven’t got to venture to a museum to unleash your inner creative.

Discover our World Art Day ideas below.

1. Do a sketch or painting.

2. Take a painting class online.

3. Learn about some world famous artists such as Vincent Van Goph, Georgia O’Keege and Michaelangelo.

4. Take a scenic walk and use your surroundings to craft a poem or sketch.

5. Put your subscription services to good use and watch an iconic art movie such as Mona Lisa Smile, Walt Before Mickey, Frida or Midnight in Paris

How are you getting creative this World Art Day? Let us know in the comments!


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