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You're all legends... Because of you - £23,676.14 DONATED!

Lounge Underwear You're all legends... Because of you - £23,676.14 DONATED!

Throughout the month of October 2019 - together with some incredible young women - we campaigned to raise awareness around the importance of knowing your body, checking your breasts, whilst also raising donations for our chosen charities - Trekstock and CoppaFeel!.

On 1st October 2019, we launched 20,000 FREE Limited Edition Thongs and Guides especially for you... all to ensure that our Female Family - that's you - have everything you need to know, and feel totally empowered and inspired to check your boobs regularly.

In under 2 hours, our Thongs hit zero.

And honestly - we couldn't believe it!!

We're so sorry to those who missed the chance to get their hands on our Limited Edition Thong, however you can still download your Ultimate Guide here, and also sign up for reminders from us regularly - straight to your inbox. 

We are, after all, your official breast friend! 

We also introduced you to 10 legends.

10 young women who have each experienced unique and emotional journeys with cancer, and who were all united with us in raising awareness and creating an unstoppable movement.

They are all so incredibly strong, passionate and dedicated - and without them we could never have created the campaign that we have! Click here to hear what they had to say following the campaign...

And whilst October was absolutely a month built around awareness, we also filled the month with many generous donations from our Female Family for our chosen charities...

And girls you did us SO proud!!

We wanted to give back to two incredible charities that do incredible work to support people like you, proudly stating that 100% of donations raised will be going to Trekstock and CoppaFeel!.

Throughout October, you shared your love and support in the bucket loads and helped us to raise an exceptional £23,676.14!

That's £11,838.07 going straight to each of our chosen charities to help them extend the amazing work that they already do and to support more and more people like you.

We are so overwhelmed with the love and support you have given to #FeelYourBreast girls!

We honestly cannot thank you enough for being so incredible, always! And we will forever hold this month in our hearts.

Don't let the end of October be the end to this movement.

Make checking you're breasts a part of your routine, and tell everyone you love to too.

And remember, you can still download your Ultimate Guide, sign up for reminders and hear our Legends stories by clicking here.