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Women need comfort made sexy, & so Lounge was born.

Lounge underwear was created with one intention - to offer women a pair of underwear that brings everyday comfort without comprising the style and look of the design that we work so hard to create. Lounge is all about bringing the comfort back to underwear, but providing something that looks and feels sexy on. This is something that was extremely important to its founders.

Here at Lounge, 

the team understand the relationship between a woman and her underwear, and the struggle sometimes experienced to find a set of underwear that looks great and feels great on.

Lounge is inspired by real women, and real moments.

Lounge Underwear

Lounge underwear | Pink underwear | Loungewear | Pink Bra  

Lounge underwear exists to create products that women want to pick from their underwear drawer every day. We want every woman that buys and tries Lounge underwear to instantly feel the comfort it brings. It's all about loving your reflection, having confidence in yourself and your shape, and feeling great in what you wear. 

The face of our Lounge underwear brand is the gorgeous Renee, a beautiful representation of what Lounge is all about.

Lounge Apparel

Lounge Apparel

Lounge Apparel is the second arm to the Lounge brand, offering the statement Lounge look and design in an everyday apparel. This collection is made up of outfits to spend your lounge time in, again with that much needed comfort. The Lounge Apparel range has launched with our Lounge Leggings sets, and there is much-much more to come soon...

The face of the Lounge Apparel brand is the gorgeous Steph, our dark haired beauty who shows of the Apparel beautifully.

Lounge Intimates

Lounge Intimates

Lounge Intimates is our latest addition to the Lounge brand. The Intimates range is all about adding an extra touch of sass to your Lounge collection - with gorgeous pretty lace details and high waisted belts and thongs. We still want to bring you the comfort you love, but with an extra splash of sexy!

The face of the Lounge Intimates brand is beautiful Belle - you dont get more elegant and classy than this lady.