Understanding breast practice for your breasts, pecs and chest can save your life, Loungers!

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Quick fact: Did you know that 1 in 100 breast cancer cases are in men? It's not just women that are affected. Don't forget to check in and share awareness with everyone because this affects us all.

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Now, when was the last time you checked your breasts, pecs or chest? Don’t worry, we won’t judge...

You should be checking at least once a month.

It’s time to get to grips with breast practice and guess what? We’re here to help!

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It’s time to take a good look at your breasties! Look at the following symptoms and click ‘done’ once you’ve checked.

Swelling in the armpit or collarbone
Puckering or dimpling
An unusual change in shape

Nipple discharge
Nipple inversion and changes in direction
Rash or crusting

Remember: Your armpits, across and beneath your boobs, pecs or chest and your collarbones are all key places to check.


Now to the feelin’! Feel each of your breasties using either a flat palm or your fingertips - whichever suits you. Look out for:

Lumps and thickening
Constant or unusual pain
Puckering or dimpling
Changes in skin texture

Psst... Don’t forget to feel underneath your armpits, collarbones, across and beneath your boobs, pecs or chest.

Breast practice… complete!

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Amazing news! Don’t forget to repeat your monthly checks every month, Loungers. And remember, if in doubt, get it checked out.


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Something doesn’t seem right...

Firstly, don’t panic. Your breasties will naturally change over time, but it’s important that you speak to a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Speaking to your doctor

It might not be anything serious, Loungers, but speaking to your doctor about any unusual changes can save your life.

  • 1. Book an appointment

    Don’t delay booking an appointment with a healthcare professional. They’ll be super understanding about any concerns you may have regarding any sudden breast changes.

  • 2. Preparing for your appointment

    We know you might feel a little bit nervous, but there are things you can do to help you feel at ease before your appointment.

  • 3. On the day

    We know it might be a little intimidating, but remember, your doctor has definitely seen it all before - boobs, pecs...the lot! The more your doctor knows, the more they can do to help you get any unusual changes checked.

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