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The Fitting Room

It’s time to quit day dreaming about that infamous Comfort Made Sexy…  No more lounging around, let’s find your perfect Lounge Fit.

Girls, we’ve done everything we can to make measuring up as simple and easy for you as possible. You can now find your fit in less than 60 seconds.

Stay comfy on your sofa and enter The Fitting Room.

Find your Lounge Fit

Our story

Hard work, persistence and laughter

Lounge was born

It all started in the lounge of co-founders and couple - Dan and Mel. With the combination of a business brain and a creative mind, the couple mapped out the plans for their brand over several months... with everything being explored from initial sketches, to the brand name, to building their first product, and everything in between... all before launching their official website with the classic Triangle design.

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Scaling and growing

In 2016, the couple were on a mission to build out the brand and expand the collections. As a pair, they worked together on several photoshoots, fresh launches, and tackled their first ever Black Friday in their living room... then before the year was through they made a decision to leave Lounge's first home and make the move into their first warehouse space.

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The duo expanded

In 2017, the couple took even bigger leaps... including employing their first members of staff to join them multitasking everything from picking and packing, customer experience and marketing. They continued sketching and launching new designs, and expanded their focus to an ever growing market across seas.

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Moving again and managing growth

In 2018, they soon found themselves outgrowing their warehouse space and needed to scale up again to keep up with demand and growth. As a team of now 6, they said goodbye to their second home and scaled up their space, alongside growing their Aussie market and preparing for their first container filled with new Lounge.

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A game-changer of a year

Throughout 2019, a lot happened for Lounge... with everything from big birthday celebrations, making a splash in Miami and - you're not going to believe this - but another big move. In July a huge step was made into their beautiful new HQ, a new home planned to house their big dreams for years to come.

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2020… a year filled with so many unexpected surprises for the business, and for the world! The brand experienced exponential growth during what was a seriously unpredictable time with the pandemic of Covid-19. A testing but truly epic year that saw Lounge rocket into a game-changing space with no challenge left unfaced.

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