20th March 2018

"We love working with our lovely Aussie models, so the next site to take to market made sense to be Australia."

Aus specific website launches to cater for the continued growth and recognition of the popularity of Lounge in Australia.

8th June 2018

"We can never quite predict how quickly we’ll grow out of the spaces we take on, but we love the challenge!"

A doorway was knocked into the neighbouring warehouse to allow more room for launches and brand growth.

26th October 2018

"One box can hold around 400 Lounge Thongs, so a container full was a real milestone for us! It was time to prep for Black Friday and ensure we had stock prepped for customers expectations."

We received our first container full of Lounge product.

23rd November 2018

"This Black Friday was a game changing moment for us, with the whole team at Lounge getting stuck in in the warehouse and getting the huge spike in orders out the door as quickly as humanly possible!"

The team took on Black Friday together, and all worked around the clock to ensure they could give the Lounge customers the best possible experience at their craziest time of year.