Welcome to The Fitting Room

This is the ultimate place to lounge and learn the perfect fit for your body. We want to help you get it right, welcoming you to our Female Family with the fit and feel you deserve from your underwear.

#ComfortMadeSexy has to start with the perfect fit, right?

In less than a minute, you’ll know yours!

Let’s do this!

Let’s get comfy and get to know each other… firstly, what’s your favourite bra style to wear?

Is Lounge your go to?


Let’s think about the favourite bra you own, the one you always tend to go to… What size is it?

Band Size

Cup Size

Do you always wear a this size?

This is totally normal

Hormones can often change your cup size at different times of the month and this fluctuation of size is totally unique to you and your body. Don’t worry, we have a range of soft cotton styles that will be your perfect go-to’s when you need them most.


We’re officially breast friends!

Our comfy girls nights in are going to be unreal!


Something you may have never thought about… approximately, how old is your go-to bra?

Your bra should be supporting you through everything

Here are some best bra tips to spot if it’s getting a little tired.


You told us your band size is currently , how does the band feel against your skin?


While we talk band size… what hook do you usually wear your bra on?

You might find that your band size could move down a size.

We recommend that every new bra is worn on the loosest hook so that as the bra is worn more and more, you’re able to move the band to the tighter hooks as time goes on.


You currently wear a cup — let’s talk about how this part of your bra fits you.

How do your straps fit?

All of our Lounge bras feature strap adjusters and comfortable fabrications

This ensures we can get this right for you. We even add a delicate embossed Lounge logo across the straps for those of you who have that eye for pretty details.


While we’re focussing on your bra size

Your bottoms fit is also super important for all round, all day comfort! Let us know what your usual underwear size is.

How do you prefer to wear your Bottoms?

Either way works with Lounge

All of our Bottoms are designed with beautifully soft and stretchy fabrications, so no matter your style, you’ll always find your preferred fit and feel with us.

Thong or Briefs, Cheeky or Strappy - we’re always working on new Bottoms designs to fill your underwear drawer with fresh new styles.