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3 Reasons Why We Wear Underwear And How To Make The Best Choices

Jun 29, 2016

It's just the norm, right?

We wear underwear every day - unless we're feeling a little bit cheeky - but generally, the first thing we put on in the morning is our underwear, & here are the reasons why this is the trend amongst many...

Feeling comfortable and confident.

One of the biggest reasons people choose to wear underwear is to help them feel comfortable and confident. Underwear is like our body armour. We feel supported and protected in all the right places and ready for the day. There is simply nothing more comforting than a great pair of pants and your favourite bra.

Health & Hygiene.

We all like to feel clean and fresh each day, so the importance of underwear naturally becomes a priority. Putting on a fresh pair of pants everyday feels as good as freshly washed sheets at night. And the benefits of cotton underwear in particular is endless. Cotton comes with a host of health benefits including absorbing any excess moisture and keeping yourself sweet and fresh.

Having a little privacy.

While some of us do like to go commando every now and then, the importance of covering yourself up in an age where sheer tops and bodycon mini's are so popular is a must. We believe it is more than necessary to be ladylike and give yourself at least a little dignity with a great pair of pants.

So, what should we be considering before buying underwear?

Favourable Fabrics.

The fabric you choose will make a dramatic difference in terms of comfort. Underwear is made using synthetic and natural materials designed to offer ventilation, movement, support, warmth, and softness. Cotton blends are known to be the most comforting, hygienic and popular underwear for most occasions.

Wear Well-Fitting Underwear.

You want your underwear to maximize support and be comfortable. 

If you wear restrictive underwear, you can increase your body temperature which leads to excessive sweating and stains. You should also avoid choosing underwear which is too tight around your legs or waist as they might lead to rashes or irritation.

On the other hand, if your underwear is too large, it may create unsightly wrinkles that are visible through your clothing or other discomfort.

So we all know by now that underwear is a must, and more over, finding the right underwear for you is essential! For a little comfort made sexy, speak to one of the team live now and find the perfect set for you.


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