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Lounge For Him | The complete guide to Men’s Underwear

Jun 25, 2020

You heard that right.

We’re welcoming back Lounge Men’s. 

It’s finally making a comeback - and it’s as soon as - tomorrow.

Now girls, this collection is that good… you’re going to want in on it too (let’s face it... sometimes we look better in his Boxers than he does! In fact scrap that - we always do!) 

But don't worry - no need to feel left out or desperate to buy them for yourself just to make a point... because your must-have new Basic Underwear Collection is launching tomorrow too!

As if we could launch for the boys without thinking about our girls!

Take a peek…

Lounge Basic Underwear Collection & Mens Boxers

Oof! The excitement starts.

So, let's give you the lowdown on the new Lounge Men’s Boxers.

This collection brings the first step into our sustainable fabric choices.

Why for Boxers!? - well, the boys are our sustainable comfort-guinea pigs of course...

No - just kidding! That’s not really why. 

To be honest… that's just how it worked out. 

We have lots of sustainable choices coming for our Women’s Underwear too - but in terms of product sculpting and sampling - our Boxers simply came to life a little quicker, and well, we didn't want to delay. They’re honestly gorgeous.

So don’t you worry, sustainable underwear choices are on the way for us girls too, and very soon… *Triangle first, the rest will follow (oh, and so will a new sustainable collection! Head right here for more info)

But let’s get back on track, with more info on our upcoming Men’s Underwear (we can't help but prioritise our ladies, oops!)

Made from the most beautiful Bamboo fabrication - our new Men’s Collection truly takes comfort to a whole new level, whilst also looking after our mother nature too.

Now, I know we say this a lot - but we’re seeeriously hooking our boys up with the Comfort Made Sexy.

The fabric is thick and luxurious, soft and comforting, and just - well… you just need to feel them! It’s like a mix of squishy marshmallows and fluffy clouds. Pure joy in a fabric!

Plus... Lounge branded banner is made from recycled yarns too! So this collection does truly take on a whole new meaning of sustainability for Lounge.

What’s more!? The shape.

We have redesigned the shape of our Men’s Boxers, bringing our guys a slightly longer length, but keeping that oh-so-desirable ‘a little on the tight side’ kind of fit (all for you!).

The Boxers come in three-packs.

So with every purchase there are three pairs of comfort… 

With a choice of:

All White.

All Black.

Or all Blue - with branding overload in our statement print (possibly our favourites!).

Well if that isn't a full blown tease for tomorrow, then we don’t know what it is.

Guide complete.

Men’s Underwear is coming tomorrow, and he/you need it.




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