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7 Signs You Need a New Bra

Jan 06, 2021 · 6 min read

Let’s be real: when was the last time you replaced your favourite bra?

If you’ve been Lounging with us for a while, you’ll know that we’re big advocates of caring for your underwear and by that, we mean making sure your bras and best bits are up to scratch. Nobody has time for battered cups and wires poking out here, there and everywhere and besides, you deserve to be Lounging comfortably.

If you last replaced your bra more than six months ago, we’re sorry to say this, girls, but chances are, it’s probably worn out its welcome.

7 signs you need a new bra

How often should you get a new bra?

Listen, we know you’ve got some bras in your collection that are over a year old, girls and we’re here to tell you that they probably need replacing (don’t shoot the messenger!)

If you’ve got a favourite bra that you love to wear almost every day, we highly recommend that you replace it after six months. If you’re a lover of lingerie and have many bras that you wear on rotation, you still need to be keeping an eye out for those signs of wear and tear and treating your breasties right.

How do you know if you need a new bra?

No matter how many bras you own or how much you shower them with all the TLC in the world, every bra has an expiry date from casual wear and tear. Plus, our bodies naturally change shape over time.

Here’s how to know when to get a new bra according to our Lounge experts.


1. The Back is Stretched Out

The back is stretched out

The back of a bra naturally stretches out over time. When this happens, the hook and eye system allows you to close your bra on a tighter hook for that more snug, cosier fit. However, when the band is too loose and not supporting your back or your chest properly, that’s a tell tale sign that you need a new bra.

Psst…it’s suggested that when you buy a new bra, the hook and eye should fit comfortably on the last hook, so that when it does inevitably stretch, you have the option to tighten it!

2. Your Cups Are Stretched Out or Don't Fit

your cups are stretched out

Show your cups some love, girls. If you start noticing a significant gap between the bra cups and your boobs, this means that either your cups are stretched out or your boobs have shrunk a little (they're still a handful of happiness, nonetheless). Similarly, if you find yourself spilling out of your cups at the top, bottom or sides, it’s probably because you’ve been gifted with a little bit of extra boobage.

If you notice any changes such as this, it’s definitely time to have a chat with your breasties and see what they need, whether it’s just a new bra or a new size entirely!

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3. Your Straps are Loose

Your straps are loose

This is one of the biggest tell tale signs that you need a new bra. If your straps keep slipping off your shoulders and you’re constantly having to readjust them, you probably need to let this one go. Your straps act as the bridge between the cup and the back of your bra and help support the weight of your breasts, so don’t let those straps slip, girls.

4. Painful Underwire

Painful underwire

We’ll be honest: there’s nothing quite like the pain of your underwire digging into your chest or it poking out from the band of your bra. We know some of our Loungers are bra experts and might opt for the old sew and fix technique to keep their best pieces intact, but even this is a temporary fix and the wire will likely come out again.

This could be a sign that your band has become too tight, or it’s a simple case of wear and tear! If you’re wondering when to buy a
new bra, this is definitely the time to do so, ladies.


5. Your Bra has Hair

Your bra has hair

You're probably thinking, 'hair?' That's right, girls...hair.

If you’ve ever seen little hair-like threads poking out from your cups or band of your bra, we’re sorry to say but that bra is toast. Fried even.

Our bras are made from the softest, most sustainable fabrics to avoid things like this happening, our Triangle Collection is the perfect example of just how sustainable we are! But if you experience this from some of your other non-Lounge pieces, it means the elastic in your bra has pretty much had its day.

6. The Colour has Faded

The colour has faded

If your bra has started to look a bit dingy or dirty, it’s probably time to revamp your underwear drawer with some new bras. We can’t be having faded cups now, can we, girls? You need something vibrant to brighten up your day of course!

Happy underwear drawer, happy you! 

7. The Fabric has Broken Down

The fabric has broken down

Every bra has a lifespan and depending on your wash cycle, the fabric can sometimes naturally break down. We always recommend that you hand wash your more delicate pieces like our Intimates or wash them in an underwear care bag on a 30 degree wash to avoid this happening. However, if you notice that the spandex is peeling off or your bra is stretched out to the extreme, it’s time to invest in some new cups, girls.

Whilst there are many signs that may signal that you need a new bra, sometimes it might just be a case that your taste has changed and you might want something a bit more luxurious. If so, we have just the thing

Remember, girls, if you're wondering how often you should change your bras, it's every six months which means even more of an excuse to treat yourself to some Lounge, of course.

Every bra has its day but it's important to invest in a bra that’s snug, comfortable and makes you feel good, whatever your taste.





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