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Mental Health Awareness | Tips for Mindfulness

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As Mental Health Awareness Week comes to a close, we’re here with some final tips on how to master your mind.  

You see, mindfulness has three main elements: mind, emotions and body - and it’s all about balance.  

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Let’s break it down. 

With a healthy body comes a strong mind which makes navigating negative emotions much easier. Lucky for you, we’ve written a whole blog about the benefits of exercise for your mental health which you can check out here.  

We know that dealing with difficult emotions is a challenge, there’s no denying it. Life is fast-paced and there’s a variety of reasons why your mental health can take a bit of a dive.  

The key is learning how to control these feelings and emotions before they spin out of control. 

That’s why practising mindfulness is key to calming negative emotional energy.  

With your mind, you can control your emotions to achieve tranquillity and wellbeing. This, plus a healthy diet and plenty of exercise provides the perfect balance for a happier and healthier life.  


Devote your attention to your breathing, the feeling of your lungs filling up as you inhale, and then exhale slowly.

Try this: 

  • Inhale - 4 seconds 
  • Hold - 4 seconds 
  • Exhale - 4 seconds

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    The more you practice being present, the better you’ll become at coping with those extreme emotions.  

    Being present is all about focusing on one thing at a time, without distraction. Don’t let yourself get lost in thought! 


    Stop to notice the sensations throughout your body, any warmth, coolness or slight discomfort you may be feeling.  

    Notice it. Then let it pass. 

    Become present within your surroundings, look and notice something you haven't seen before. After a few moments, your mind may wander, this is completely normal. Notice the thought your mind has wandered to, and let it pass as you simply return your attention back to the present moment. 

    mental health awareness, mindfulness


    To reap the benefits of mindfulness, you must make time for it every day. 

    Create a schedule and search for time to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.  

    Make your mental health a priority.  

    The best part about practising mindfulness is that you can apply it to almost every aspect of everyday life (particularly the less exciting parts). Try it while: 

    • Doing house work 
    • Showering 
    • Cooking 
    • On your daily walk 

      If you follow us on TikTok, you’ll have met Simone. She’s our resident health guru here at Lounge HQ and she’s spent the week revealing all her secrets for self-care in support of Mental Health Awareness.  

      Check out her final top tips for mastering mindfulness in this TikTok: 

      @lounge 3 tips to take into your everyday life 🥰 #mentalhealthawareness #mindfulness ♬ original sound - Lounge

      Times are pretty tough right now, we get it.  

      But please don’t suffer in silence.

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